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3 Key Architectural Decisions Behind CCIP’s Advanced Security

Explore how the level of decentralization, an independent risk management layer, and client diversity are key to a secure cross-chain ecosystem.

How CCIP Programmable Token Transfers Unlock Cross-Chain Innovation

Chainlink CCIP Programmable Token Transfers enable DeFi protocols and Tradfi institutions to realize more advanced smart contract and tokenization use cases.

Tokenization: A Global Unlock for Financial Markets

Why Colin Cunningham, Head of Tokenization & Alliances at Chainlink Labs, is choosing to take on the tokenization opportunity with Chainlink.

How the Chainlink Platform Unlocks LST and LRT Adoption in DeFi

Chainlink provides asset issuers and DeFi protocols with the data, compute, and cross-chain services needed to support the adoption of LSTs and LRTs.

How To Get Polygon Amoy Testnet MATIC and LINK Tokens

Discover what the Polygon Amoy testnet is, how to get Amoy testnet MATIC tokens, and how to add them to your wallet.

Exploring Consensus With Parallel Proposals: The Difference Between PBFT and BBCA-Chain

In this blog post, we explore sequential vs parallel consensus protocols and dive into a nuanced comparison between PBFT and BBCA-Chain.

Scaling Onchain Verifiable Randomness With Chainlink VRF v2.5

See how the Chainlink VRF v2.5 upgrade introduces low-friction billing, more predictable pricing, and an enhanced UX that enables seamless future upgrades.

What Is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of creating a digital representation of an asset through a blockchain-based token. Explore this trillion-dollar market opportunity.

Chainlink Product Update: Q1 2024

Learn about Chainlink’s latest product developments from Q1, 2024, including CCIP, Data Streams, Data Feeds, Functions, Automation, and more.

Announcing General Availability for CCIP

Chainlink’s CCIP has officially entered general availability (GA) across supported blockchain mainnets.

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