Swift, Chainlink, and 12+ banks successfully transfer tokenized assets cross-chain. Read the report.

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Cross-Chain Tokenized Assets

Discover what cross-chain tokenized assets are, how they work, and why Chainlink CCIP is set to power a global onchain financial system.

Bringing Capital Markets Onchain With DTCC and Chainlink

DTCC’s Stephen Prosperi explores how collaborating with Chainlink can propel the financial industry into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

What Is Cross-Chain Gaming?

Cross-chain is transforming Web3 game design, supercharging interoperability, unleashing blockchain specialization, and unlocking universal liquidity.

How Chainlink Unlocks the Full Capabilities of Tokenization for Capital Markets

Explore the state of tokenization within capital markets and how financial institutions are using Chainlink to unlock the full capabilities of tokenization.

SmartCon 2023: 7 Ways You’ll Find the Signal in the Noise

Discover the transformative potential of Web3 at SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona. If you’re passionate about Web3’s future, this is a must-attend event.

Introducing the Chainlink Staking Platform: v0.2 Upgrade and Launch Details

Chainlink Staking v0.2 is the latest upgrade to the Chainlink Staking platform that takes learnings from the v0.1 release and builds upon its foundation.

The Role of Layer-2 Rollups and Chainlink in Scaling the Ethereum Ecosystem

By aligning with the Ethereum community’s approach to scaling its ecosystem, Chainlink is helping accelerate the adoption of high-throughput, data-rich dApps.

What Are Cross-Chain NFTs?

Cross-chain supercharges the design space for NFTs and Web3 games, unlocking the seamless UX needed for mainstream adoption.

What Is Multi-Chain?

Understand why there are hundreds of blockchains, and how secure cross-chain functionality is supercharging the multi-chain ecosystem.

Build It Super Simple: Introducing Single Broadcast Consensus on a DAG

The authors introduce BBCA-Chain—a single-broadcast DAG consensus protocol that simplifies DAG consensus with reduced latency by several network trips.

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