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Chainlink Product Update: Q1 2023

Explore recent deployments and what’s next for Chainlink’s industry-standard Web3 services, from CCIP and Data Feeds to Functions, FSS, and more.

Realizing SPVOLE

We describe an efficient single-point VOLE (SPVOLE) protocol where the prover’s message is an all-zero vector except at one location.

How Music NFTs Can Reshape the Music Industry

Music NFTs represent a new way for artists to earn income from their music. Understand how music NFTs and Web3 can transform the music industry.

Cross-Chain vs. Multi-Chain

Cross-chain and multi-chain refer to different design paradigms in Web3. Understand what they mean and the unique benefits they can offer users and developers.

What Are Ordinals? Bitcoin NFTs Explained

Ordinal inscriptions are a cutting-edge implementation of Bitcoin NFTs. Explore how they work and what makes them different from past attempts.

What Are NFT Games?

NFT games can create better and more engaging player experiences. Discover how sovereign ownership and interoperability are taking games to the next level.

Scaling Climate Finance With Blockchain Technology

Explore how the World Bank, BIS, and others are using blockchain to build scalable carbon markets set to facilitate trillions of dollars in climate finance activity.

Smart Contract Platforms

Smart contract platforms enable blockchain developers to deploy decentralized applications. Understand the impact of layer-1 networks on the Web3 landscape.

Zero-Knowledge Proof: Applications and Use Cases

Discover how zero-knowledge proofs are enhancing the privacy, security, and efficiency of various industries, from blockchains to supply chains.

What Is Proof of Knowledge?

Discover what a proof of knowledge is, the characteristics required to be classified a knowledge proof, and their relation to zero-knowledge proofs.

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