Introducing Transporter, a new bridging app powered by CCIP. Go cross-chain.

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Chainlink Digital Asset Insights: Q1 2024

This Chainlink Digital Asset Insights report examines prominent events in Q1 2024, including spot Bitcoin ETF approvals, lending yields in DeFi, and more.

Accelerating CCIP Adoption Through Native ETH Cross-Chain Transfers and Optimized Pricing

Learn about how the adoption of Chainlink CCIP is being accelerated through native ETH cross-chain transfers and optimized pricing.

Introducing Transporter: A Hyper-Secure Bridging App, Powered by Chainlink CCIP

Transporter is a secure bridging app providing users complete peace of mind. Built in association with the Chainlink Foundation, with support from Chainlink Labs.

Introducing the Chainlink Block Magic Hackathon: Become an Onchain Wizard

Whether you’re a new developer, an experienced blockchain dev, or an existing software dev, Block Magic offers a focused path to becoming an onchain wizard.

What Is a Sybil Attack?

Sybil attacks are a type of cyberattack that open peer-to-peer networks, including blockchains, are uniquely susceptible to.

How Blockchains Are Using Chainlink CCIP to Power Their Canonical Token Bridge

Explore how blockchain networks are using Chainlink CCIP as their official blockchain interoperability solution to power their canonical token bridge.

What Is a Replay Attack?

Replay attacks can result in fraudulent transactions, key security breaches, and unauthorized network access. This blog explains how they work.

The Verifiable Web: Fixing the Internet’s Truth Problem

The verifiable web uses blockchains, oracles, and cryptography to give users proof about how systems work and control over their data, identities, and assets.

New Report: The Need for a Chainlink DeFi Yield Index

This research report explores the need for a Chainlink DeFi Yield Index—a new approach that uses Chainlink oracles to aggregate DeFi lending yield rates.

Seven Key Cross-Chain Bridge Vulnerabilities Explained

If you’re a user, dApp developer, or financial institution going cross-chain, you need to know these seven cross-chain vulnerabilities.

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