Low-Latency Oracle Solution for DeFi Derivatives
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Introducing a Low-Latency Oracle Solution for the DeFi Derivatives Market

This post introduces an innovative, low-latency Chainlink oracle solution to help secure DeFi derivatives markets against frontrunning and other risks.

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MEV Resistance on a DAG

This post explains approaches for building Blind Order-Fairness on DAG-based BFT consensus to prevent maximal extractable value (MEV) exploits.

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Giulia Fanti Awarded Second Chainlink Research Grant

Academic researcher Giulia Fanti has been awarded a second Chainlink grant to further research into order fairness and networking scalability for Chainlink.

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Highly Scalable and MEV-Resistant DeFi

Creating a Highly Scalable and MEV-Resistant DeFi Ecosystem Using Arbitrum and Fair Sequencing Services

Learn how layer-2 rollup protocol Arbitrum is exploring Chainlink Fair Sequencing Services to help enable a scalable and fair DeFi ecosystem.

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Arthur Gervais Chainlink Research Grant

Arthur Gervais Awarded Chainlink Research Grant for MEV Research

Dr. Arthur Gervais, a faculty member at Imperial College London, has been selected as a research grant recipient as part of the Chainlink Grants Program.

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What Is Miner-Extractable Value (MEV)?

In this educational article, we explore Miner Extractable Value (MEV), the unfavorable dynamics it creates for users, and how Chainlink Fair Sequencing Services provides a solution.

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Fair Sequencing Services: Enabling a Provably Fair DeFi Ecosystem

Research conducted and written by Ari Juels, Lorenz Breidenbach, and Florian Tramèr of Chainlink Labs As Ethereum’s popularity continues to increase thanks to tokenization, then DEXes, and now DeFi, we’re seeing unprecedented, consistently high gas prices for users of the network.

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