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Build It Super Simple: Introducing Single Broadcast Consensus on a DAG

The authors introduce BBCA-Chain—a single-broadcast DAG consensus protocol that simplifies DAG consensus with reduced latency by several network trips.

DECO Research Series #4: Hiding Secret Lengths

In this post, the Chainlink Labs Research team discusses how to hide the individual lengths of sensitive data from the verifier.

DECO Research Series #3: Parsing the Response

This post discusses how to efficiently parse the TLS response and form claims about it while preserving the privacy of sensitive data within the response.

Optimal Latency and Communication SMR View-Synchronization

Andrew Lewis-Pye, Dahlia Malkhi, and Oded Naor expand the discussion of view synchronization and present a new protocol that quickly recovers in the case of a Byzantine leader.

DECO Research Series #2: Provenance and Authenticity

Discover how the prover convinces the verifier that a TLS response is obtained from a particular server in Chainlink DECO.

DECO Research Series #1: Introduction

Introducing a blog series outlining the research taking DECO, a privacy-preserving oracle protocol, from idea to implementation.



Realizing VOLE

Understand an efficient protocol to generate VOLE correlations for batches of commitments.

VOLE-Based Interactive Commitments

This post describes the transition from VOLE to commitment in VOLE-based ZK protocols and outlines how to generate VOLE correlations in a higher degree.


Discover a commit-and-prove ZK proof system that can process tens of millions of gates per second and handle large circuits while requiring minimal memory.

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