Fidelity International and Sygnum Collaborate With Chainlink To Provide Fund NAV Data Onchain. Read now.

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5 Ways To Build Cross-Chain Applications With CCIP

Discover how to use Chainlink CCIP to create cross-chain applications, enabling a less fragmented Web3.

11 Ways To Use Chainlink Functions in Your Decentralized Applications

How to use Chainlink Functions to quickly connect your smart contract to offchain resources, including cloud services, social media APIs, and more.

SmartCon 2022: Top Developer Announcements

Learn about the top developer product updates and initiatives announced at SmartCon 2022.

How To Obtain Historical Cryptocurrency Price Data Using Chainlink Price Feeds

Learn how to leverage Chainlink Price Feeds to access secure and high-quality historical cryptocurrency price data.

How To Build a dApp in Three Steps

In this technical tutorial, learn how to build a simple dApp that makes use of a Solidity smart contract, Chainlink Data Feeds, React, and Ethers.js.

Recapping the Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp: Access All Videos On-Demand

The first Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp gave 330+ developers an intro to writing Solana smart contracts that use Chainlink for enhanced functionality.

Announcing the 2022 Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

The Solana Blockchain Developer Bootcamp is designed both for experienced blockchain developers and those just starting their Web3 journey.

How to Build and Deploy a Solana Smart Contract

In this technical tutorial, learn how to deploy smart contracts on the Solana blockchain that use Chainlink Price Feeds to access secure market data.

Access the Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp On-Demand

Explore technical sessions from the first Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp, covering the basics of Solidity, smart contracts, and how to use Chainlink oracles.

Build a Real Estate dApp With Chainlink Oracles

Developers can use Chainlink oracles to get real estate valuations on blockchains, enabling DeFi and insurance smart contracts for the real estate industry.

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