Access the Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp On-Demand

Thank you to all the participants who attended and helped make the very first Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp a success! Over the month of July, the Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp taught developers across the globe the fundamentals of smart contracts, Solidity, and how Chainlink decentralized oracle networks enable anyone to build hybrid smart contracts that leverage off-chain data and computation for powering next-generation dApps. 

1,000+ developers from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania came together to start their journey as smart contract developers, participating in nine hours worth of presentations, demos, and hands-on exercises split across multiple sessions.

Developers who missed out or want to revisit the content can access the sessions on-demand by registering on the bootcamp website. Developers and community members who are interested in running their own bootcamp with our content and support can email [email protected].

Welcoming 1,000+ New Smart Contract Developers via Our Developer Bootcamp

This very first bootcamp was created to provide developers who are starting out on their smart contract development journey with a solid foundation in Ethereum, Solidity, and Chainlink oracles, as well as focus on why a developer would want to learn about smart contracts and blockchain technology. Session topics covered everything from blockchain fundamentals to Chainlink oracle functions to security best practices. Here’s a snapshot of the key topics we covered across both modules: 

The bootcamp attracted over 1,100 participants of all levels and technical backgrounds, ranging from highly experienced software engineers and architects to university students wanting to discover the capabilities of smart contracts and decentralized oracle networks.

Even More Bootcamp Opportunities

Even though the first Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp is over, the content is available for developers to review and learn about smart contracts, Solidity, and Chainlink at their own pace. Developers can sign up to access the materials by registering on the bootcamp website

Going forward, we will also scale this introductory bootcamp to run all around the world, in various languages, both in-person and virtually. If you are interested in support from the Chainlink Labs team to run your own bootcamp, please email  [email protected].

We will also host more developer bootcamps in the future to engage and empower smart contract developers of all experience levels. If you have a great idea for a bootcamp topic or focus, feel free to reach out and share your idea.

Finally, be sure to sign up for the official Chainlink Developer Newsletter to find out about future bootcamps and stay up-to-date on all Chainlink developer-focused news.

Keep Building

Thank you again to all the Summer 2021 Smart Contract Developer Bootcamp participants! We look forward to seeing your continued progression as smart contract developers and what projects you build along your journey. We encourage you to keep experimenting and building upon the knowledge and experience you’ve gained by exploring resources like Chainlink Engineering Video Tutorials, diving into technical workshops from SmartCon #1, entering upcoming hackathons, and creating personal projects. Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for the next Chainlink Virtual Hackathon starting later this year.

If you’re a developer and want to quickly get your application connected to Chainlink Data Feeds, Chainlink VRF, or access any API, explore the Chainlink developer docs, connect with the technical community on the Chainlink Discord, or reach out to an expert.

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