SmartCon 2022: Top Developer Announcements

SmartCon brings together Web3 developers from around the world, giving them a forum to network, learn, and find out more about the latest Chainlink developments. This year’s SmartCon was stacked with developer content, from talks and workshops to developer-focused product announcements. 

Here’s a summary of the top three developer updates announced at SmartCon 2022.

The Testnet Coalition

It can be difficult for Ethereum developers to work out which testnet is best to use for their purposes, particularly considering not all services and tools are live on all testnets. It used to be that Rinkeby and Kovan were the main two networks that developers used. However, they were both recently marked for depreciation, meaning developers needed to find a new home. 

In order to improve the developer testnet experience, the Testnet Coalition was formed. With members from Alchemy, Chainlink Labs, The Ethereum Foundation, The Graph, and OpenSea, the Testnet Coalition is a collective of leading Ethereum developer platforms, tools, and service providers that will work together to create the best developer experience possible by making sure their applications and services are available across the same test networks. This will allow developers to use any combination of products on testnet without worrying about switching networks. 

Currently, the group is focused on deploying its products to the Goerli network—the closest network to mainnet going forward. Ensuring developers have a testnet resembling mainnet means they can deploy their entire application and see it work end to end as it would in production. 

The coalition is looking to add more members and broaden its offering as much as possible, so if your team has a developer-facing product and would like to join, please reach out.

Introducing the industry’s first open-source, multi-chain blockchain hub for blockchain and smart contract developers.

As blockchain and smart contract technology garners interest and attention from an increasing number of developers, one common challenge remains: Where and how to get started. There are many one-off courses and sites that offer content, but many fail to cover the “why” of blockchain while offering the suitable, multi-chain content it takes to get started. aims to be the welcome mat for blockchain and smart contract developers, covering both the “why” and “how” of development as well as supporting education across multiple blockchains.

Offering in-depth content ranging from full courses and tutorials to the industry’s premier events, is the perfect place to start for those looking to become blockchain developers. also offers a place for developers to up to date with the latest hackathons and conferences and read in-depth case studies from developers who have taken their project from idea to startup. is the only open-source blockchain developer hub in the space. It currently offers dedicated tracks for both Ethereum-based chains and Solana.

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There are more than 26 million developers in the world, yet fewer than one million of these are smart contract developers. As Web3 technology continues to gain adoption, more and more developers will enter the Web3 space. 

With a continuous flood of developers transitioning to Web3 and blockchain technology, having high-quality educational content is extremely important. The Chainlink Labs developer relations team is an industry leader in onboarding developers into Web3, having released some of the most well-known Web3 courses and bootcamps in the space, such as the JavaScript and Python editions of the freeCodeCamp Blockchain Developer courses, which have collectively been viewed almost four million times.

ChainDev is a developer-focused YouTube channel where developers can find the best information out there for learning how to use and build smart contracts with cutting-edge tooling. 

If you want to become one of the best smart contract developers on the planet, then this is the channel you need to subscribe to. 

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Sign Up For the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon

Ready to put your developer skills to the test? Registration for the Chainlink Fall 2022 2022 Hackathon is now open! Sign up today and put your blockchain developer skills to the test to win a share of hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

If you’re a developer and want to secure your smart contracts, dApp, or protocol, consider using Chainlink in your smart contract applications. For more learning and reference resources, check out the blockchain education hub, developer documentation, or reach out to an expert.

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