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Announcing the Smart Contract Summit #0 (SmartCon), Powered by Chainlink

We are launching SmartCon #0, the first-ever Smart Contract Summit gathering developers, dApp builders, node operators, researchers, enterprises, and the community pioneering the smart contract frontier. The virtual conference will be hosted on August 28th and 29th.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon

Several weeks ago, the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon launched with the goal of sparking a new wave in smart contract development by showcasing the power of secure off-chain connection via Chainlink oracles. The developer turnout and overwhelming support by the blockchain community was impressive. We look forward to similar events

Chainlink Virtual Hackathon: Building Real-World Smart Contracts Using Off-Chain Resources

We believe that enabling off-chain connectivity via secure oracles is the major catalyst that will spark the next evolution in smart contract development. Whether it’s receiving off-chain market data to trigger your DeFi smart contract or connecting to an external payment system to settle it, the range of possible applications that Chainlink opens is limitless.

HackerNode Community Design Contest Winners

We’re excited to share the winners of our first ever design contest as part of Chainlink’s Web3 Oracle HackerNode. We received more than 150 entries which were judged by the Chainlink Community Ambassadors and team.

New York, May 15th: Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Smart Contracts, Interoperability, and Law

Join us for an evening panel discussion during Consensus 2019 with Chainlink partners OpenLaw, and Wanchain. This panel includes Sergey Nazarov, CEO of Chainlink, along with Aaron Wright Co-founder of OpenLaw, and Johann Eid, Lead Strategist of Wanchain.

Sydney, April 11th: Creating a Connected Smart Contract Ecosystem

Join us for an evening Meetup featuring an interactive panel discussion during EDCON 2019 with three of the most active projects developing on the Ethereum blockchain. The panel includes Dan Kochis, Global Head of BD for Chainlink, along with Wei Tang, a developer for Parity Technologies and Dennison Bertram, Developer Advocate for Zeppelin Solutions.

Austin, April 18th: Chainlink and Wanchain Meetup

We would like to invite you to join us in Austin, Texas “The Live Music Capital of the World” for our first ever Chainlink and Wanchain meetup. We will be demonstrating a chainlinked smart contract that uses Wanchain’s cross-chain capability. This combines the idea of Chainlink’s cross-chain data and inputs with Wanchain’s cross-chain transactions.

Chainlink & Celer Denver Meetup

We would like to invite both the Chainlink and Celer communities to our Denver meetup, which is taking place the evening before ETHDenver. This will be a great opportunity to learn about solutions covering blockchain security, scalability, and the use of external data to execute on-chain events, as well as to meet the teams behind both projects.

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