Chainlink Virtual Hackathon: Building Real-World Smart Contracts Using Off-Chain Resources

We believe that enabling off-chain connectivity via secure oracles is the major catalyst that will spark the next evolution in smart contract development. Whether it’s receiving off-chain market data to trigger your DeFi smart contract or connecting to an external payment system to settle it, the range of possible applications that Chainlink opens is limitless.

To accelerate the development of next-generation smart contracts, we are hosting the first Chainlink Virtual Hackathon from October 14th to 31st and invite anyone from around the world to participate. The hackathon is not only a launching pad for developers who want to create useful smart contract dApps, but also an opportunity for people to learn about the growing ecosystem of platforms, data providers, and oracles accessible with Chainlink.

To help you maximize the success of your projects, we will provide participants with direct access to team members and experienced mentors, a plethora of educational materials for learning about off-chain connectivity, live workshops showcasing how to use Chainlink, and much more. Join our Discord to meet other hackers and start planning today!

We also encourage you to use the latest Chainlink resources: new reference data sets for popular price pairs, selection of whitelisted oraclesLinkPool marketplace of 60+ oracle nodes and 250+ tasks, and more.

If you want to #BuildWithChainlink, follow the link below to sign-up and get registered. Let’s together showcase how connected smart contracts can achieve real adoption and change the world!

Register Here:

Prizes (Over $60K worth of bounties available)

  • 1st Place — $15,000
  • 2nd Place — $8,000
  • 3rd Place — $5,000
  • Positive Impact — $2,000
  • 6 Judge’s Choices — $1,000 each
  • All bounties paid in LINK tokens
  • 1st Place – 1 Year of Professional API Amberdata subscription (10k value) and 100 DAI
  • 2nd Place – 1 Year of Professional API Amberdata day subscription (10k worth) and 50 DAI
  • 3rd Place – 6-month Professional API Amberdata subscription (5K worth)
  • All participants that include Amberdata in their project will receive a 3-month free coupon to Amberdata’s professional API.


  • October 14: Connected Smart Contract Hackathon Starts
  • October 14 to October 31: Hackathon Duration
  • October 16:  Chainlink Workshop
  • October 22: Amberdata Workshop
  • October 31: Hackathon Ends
  • November 1 to 7: Judging
  • November 8: Winners Announced

Getting Started

To help participants get started, we created a blog post that details a wide-ranging list of potential Chainlink-enabled smart contracts use cases. We’ve also included several links to articles that outline past hackathon competitions and discuss the winning projects.

ETH Berlin Hackathon Winning Projects

ETH New York Hackathon Winning Projects

ETH Paris Hackathon Winning Projects

ETH Denver Hackathon Winning Projects


Chainlink Hackathon website

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