Congratulations to the Winners of the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon

Several weeks ago, the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon launched with the goal of sparking a new wave in smart contract development by showcasing the power of secure off-chain connection via Chainlink oracles. The developer turnout and overwhelming support by the blockchain community was impressive. We look forward to similar events in the future and believe more than ever that enabling off-chain connectivity via secure oracles is the major catalyst that will spark mass adoption of smart contracts as back-end business infrastructure.

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and mentors who made this virtual hackathon such a success by showing the numerous possibilities available to developers who #BuildWithChainlink.

LinkPal: Peer-to-Peer Ethereum to fiat decentralized escrow via PayPal. A smart contract uses Chainlink oracles to confirm that the PayPal invoice has been paid. The contract can confirm with multiple oracles, making it more decentralized and therefore more secure.

Cerebus Wallet: Two-factor authorization for crypto transactions using phone push notifications. Even if your private key is stolen, an attacker would not be able to sign any operations without phone confirmation.

Flyt: Flight insurance. Fill in your flight details. Customize your insurance policy. Pay the insurance premium through crypto. That’s it!

Link Total Return Swap: A DeFi platform that enables Chainlink Node Operators to hedge against LINK price volatility. The Total Return Swap contract used is customisable allowing counterparties to trade on their own terms.

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