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Kemal El Moujahid

4 articles by Kemal El Moujahid

Chainlink Product Update: Q1 2023

Explore recent deployments and what’s next for Chainlink’s industry-standard Web3 services, from CCIP and Data Feeds to Functions, FSS, and more.

Chainlink正式发布Chainlink Functions,将全世界所有API接入Web3

Chainlink Functions是一个无服务器的开发者平台,使您能够将智能合约与任何Web2 API 连接起来,并在几分钟内运行自定义计算。

Introducing Chainlink Functions: Connect the World’s APIs to Web3

Chainlink Functions is a serverless developer platform that empowers you to connect smart contracts with any Web2 API and run custom computations in minutes.

Introducing a Low-Latency Oracle Solution for the DeFi Derivatives Market

This post introduces an innovative, low-latency Chainlink oracle solution to help secure DeFi derivatives markets against frontrunning and other risks.

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