SmartCon 2023: 7 Ways You’ll Find the Signal in the Noise

With the emergence of any new technology comes noise; it can be hard to identify the real signals, what really matters. 

This applies to entire markets, as we saw in the dot-com bubble. The Internet was evidently a paradigm-shifting technology, but even for those in the middle of the action it was difficult to parse out the companies, technologies, and applications that would go on to reshape the world.

Web3 is no different, and this confusion is amplified by the abundance and rate of information spread in the 21st century. But make no mistake, Web3 is a paradigm-shifting technology. The only question is how to latch onto the signal and discover the projects and protocols that are reimagining what our lives will be like in the next decades.

That’s what the SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona experience offers: A nexus of the industry’s pioneers, researchers, developers, founders, projects, enthusiasts, and more, all in one place. You’ll get more value from a week of focused, in-person connection than you can from years of scrolling and videos—because the people at SmartCon 2023 are the best filters you can get to find the signal in the noise.

Wondering how? Below are the seven greatest value-adds of the SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona experience.

Discover How Web3 Gets Real

A diagram showing how CCIP connect public chains to bank chains.
Trillions of dollars of existing assets are ripe to enter the on-chain finance economy.

There’s a growing consensus that tokenized assets are the next Web3 megatrend:  Trillions of dollars of existing assets are ripe to enter the on-chain finance economy. The idea aligns perfectly with blockchain technology—an immutable, tamper-proof ledger with automated and trust-minimized asset flows between counterparties. But the real-world asset space is massive, and every megatrend must start somewhere.

At SmartCon 2023, representatives from some of the largest financial institutions in the world will point you in the right direction. This is where you learn not just whether tokenized assets will exist, but how they will come to be, in what form, and what infrastructure will be used to support this accelerating transition. There’s simply no better place than SmartCon 2023 to be the first to understand how massive amounts of value will flow on-chain. Just show up, listen, ask questions, and gain your competitive edge for the future.  

Meet the Global Web3 Community

SmartCon 2023 makes it easy to connect with the Web3 community members around the world.

Web3 transcends borders. Internet-native. Digital-first. The borderless nature of the Web3 ecosystem permeates the Web3 industry and defines its culture—from distributed networks to location-agnostic jobs.

This extends to the Web3 community: From South America to Asia, Europe to India, Web3 is populated by a truly diverse group of individuals. SmartCon 2023 is the Web3 community’s meeting ground, with Web3 community members and teams from all over the world coming together. Whether it’s at the main conference, a project-specific meetup, or the many casual side events connecting attendees, SmartCon 2023 makes it easy to connect.

Build Your Lifetime Web3 Network

The connections made at SmartCon 2023 will set attendees up for a lifetime of professional success.

SmartCon 2023 is tailored to all those curious and passionate about the future of Web3. The industry’s most talented teams, projects, and contributors will be there, meaning there’s no better place to break into the Web3 space, showcase your talents, and expand your network. 

The core of any business relationship is compatibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s a founder meeting a VC, a prospect meeting a hiring manager, or two projects looking for a mutually beneficial partnership. And there’s no better way to discern the quality and compatibility of a partner or new hire than to connect with them in person. Coming to SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona is a sign of your commitment and passion for exploring and advancing Web3—something that everyone at the conference, no matter who they are, will value highly. There’s no doubt you’ll make lifelong connections and find plentiful opportunities. 

Keep Your Finger on the Industry’s Pulse

SmartCon 2023 is where you find the lasting momentum in Web3.

In Web3, trends come and go—constantly. Every week, it seems like the Web3 hivemind has a new shiny object, but few stand the test of time. But if you look closely, there is a momentum of innovation clearly taking place in Web3. Layer-2 ecosystems. Tokenized real-world assets. Connections between Web2 and Web3 verticals, ranging from entertainment to finance to payments and more. The rise of Web3 games of every genre, with the lofty goal of attracting the ~3B+ gamers out there. 

SmartCon 2023 is how you keep your finger on the pulse for the innovations and projects that will stand the test of time. You won’t leave SmartCon 2023 with just the knowledge that zero-knowledge proofs are the future; you’ll leave Barcelona having talked to many leading pioneers of zero-knowledge research and implementations, all fully equipped with the knowledge you need to discern what kind of innovation is poised to take place in the future. Simply put, you might already have the big picture coming in, but SmartCon is where you get the details. And that’s what matters in the long run.

Witness World-Shaping Conversations

SmartCon 2023 is where visionaries gather.

The insights of a few select individuals are so valuable that thousands of people will travel the world just to hear them speak. And when these individuals are in the same place, that’s when world-shaping conversations take place. SmartCon 2023 is packed full of these forward-thinking visionaries, entrepreneurs, and industry experts.

And by coming to Barcelona, you’ll get the chance to hear them speak and pick their brains. Hear State Street’s Nitin Gaur talk about how financial institutions are looking to adopt blockchain technology for themselves. Get Google AI Lead Laurence Moroney’s thoughts on the convergence of AI and blockchain. Gain insights from Swift’s Qian Jiang and Thomas Dugaquier on how tokenized assets can interoperate across thousands of banks at scale. If you believe Web3 is a movement that will change the world, SmartCon 2023 is where you meet its leaders.

Become an Oracle of Web3

Chainlink services catalyze innovation, showing you where to look next.

Oracle innovations foretell advancements across the entire Web3 stack, turbocharging new use cases by connecting isolated blockchain islands, their applications, and Web2 systems in a secure and reliable manner. With over 1,800 integrations, Chainlink is Web3’s industry-standard Web3 services platform and oracle solution, and SmartCon 2023 is a Chainlink ecosystem conference.

This means that by attending SmartCon 2023, you’ll get an exclusive look into the Chainlink developments set to define the next generation of smart contract applications and real-world adoption. From cutting-edge research from the Chainlink Labs Research team pioneering the next Web3 inventions to the latest product launches and upgrades, Chainlink advancements are a leading indicator for where to look next. A rising tide lifts all boats. SmartCon 2023 is how you see the wave before it forms. 

Plug Into Barcelona’s Rich Culture

A blend of both old and new, Barcelona is the perfect backdrop for SmartCon 2023.

A storied European city, Barcelona is a cultural, economic, and financial center with deep historical roots. Winemaking processes that can be dated back to the 11th century BC. The site of jaw-dropping Gaudi architecture. But Barcelona is also a place for the new—it’s a hub of startup innovation, known for its rapid adoption of new technologies. 

SmartCon 2023 has Barcelona as its backdrop because it blends the old and the new to find common ground. This is the role of SmartCon 2023 and the Chainlink ecosystem: To not only showcase the best of Web3, but to invite technological and financial incumbents who are embracing the innovation that comes with Web3 technology.  

The other reason Barcelona was chosen is much simpler: It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, from exploring the Sagrada Familia, catching an FC Barcelona game, walking Las Ramblas, drinking wine, eating tapas, or lounging on the beach. SmartCon 2023 in Barcelona is Web3’s premier destination—all are invited to connect and network in one of Europe’s most magical cities. 

Stay Curious

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona, SmartCon 2023 offers a unique confluence of thought leadership, global community engagement, and career and networking opportunities. It’s a chance to not just witness the advancement of Web3, but a place to be a part of shaping its future.

The potential of Web3 won’t just be realized by itself. It requires an active and global community of passionate founders, developers, and enthusiasts to build cutting-edge products and evangelize its benefits. No matter who you are, there’s a role for you at SmartCon 2023. We invite you to help shape and experience the Web3 ecosystem at this year’s premier blockchain conference. See you in Barcelona.

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