Expanding the Chainlink Community Advocate Program

We’re putting out the call for new Advocates to take our community to the next level and help accelerate Chainlink adoption across the globe. If you share our vision of creating an economically fair world through hybrid smart contracts and decentralized oracle networks, we encourage you to join the Chainlink Community Advocate Program today.

Technology and community are the forces powering the expansion of the Chainlink ecosystem. Chainlink Community Advocates are responsible for educating others about the Chainlink vision and for creating a network of like-minded individuals who can together raise awareness of the far-reaching impact of Chainlink in the blockchain space and beyond.

As a Chainlink Community Advocate, you will have the opportunity to connect with our extensive network of engineers, industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and others who are pushing the ecosystem forward. Becoming a Chainlink Community Advocate is ultimately a chance to take an active part in the direction of Chainlink development and work directly with the teams that are making Chainlink-powered smart contracts a reality. Many Advocates have gone on to have rewarding careers in the blockchain industry and working on Chainlink specifically. Some other Advocate benefits include:

  • Community and Technical Resources — Hosting a Chainlink event? We’ll provide support. Need to level up your Solidity skills? We can provide courses and walkthroughs.
  • Advance Professionally — We will professionally advocate for you, whether that is for a job building Chainlink or working elsewhere in the industry.
  • Event and Conference Access — Get complimentary access to Advocate-only events and invitations to industry-wide conferences like SmartCon 2021.
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities — Work directly with some of the most influential figures and projects in the space and forge ties with other passionate community members in our private Advocate-only communication channels.
  • Chainlink Gear — Represent in style! Stand out with official Chainlink Community Advocate swag.

Chainlink Advocates harness the passion, talent, and diversity of Chainlink’s rapidly growing community, maximizing its potential within their respective regions.

Responsibilities include both virtual and real-world involvement, such as:

  • Provide support for Smart Contract Summit
  • Host in-person community meetup events
  • Connect with partner/sponsor and speaker relationships
  • Create and translate content to keep your community engaged
  • Provide mentorship to new members
  • Serve as the local city advocate for visitors and team members

You will join the Chainlink community team on bi-weekly check-in calls and keep us updated on your progress via group chats. We expect Chainlink Community Advocates to be motivated and dedicated to producing measurable results.

How Many Community Advocates Are You Selecting, and From Where?

Chainlink’s technology is transforming regions and industries across the globe and therefore needs an expansive Community Advocate Program to help educate and onboard new developers and users. Ultimately, our goal is to enable Chainlink Advocates in cities and countries all over the world, so if you can find a group of people interested in learning about hybrid smart contracts and oracle networks, we invite you to apply for our program.

To get started, fill out the Chainlink Community Advocate Application form. Our team will review each submission and reach out to qualified applicants to schedule a follow-up call. If selected, you will be onboarded as an Official Community Advocate and connected with an Advocate from your local region. Think of this Advocate as a mentor who will guide you through your first meetup or article translation. We’ll also share resources and add you to our Chainlink Community Advocate Discord and Telegram channels, as well as our email group so you have day-to-day contact with the core Chainlink Community team and fellow Advocates. Finally, you’ll be invited to weekly delegate video conference calls to discuss all upcoming meetups.

With Chainlink adoption only speeding up and with the expansive vision of the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper recently announced, there’s never been a better time to lead as a Community Advocate. Smart Contract Summit #1 is right around the corner and will be a key opportunity for new Advocates to establish themselves in our rapidly-growing community. As your local community grows, you’ll also find that there are additional opportunities to expand your role and participation in the program.

The blockchain industry is moving at an exponential clip, and the Chainlink Network continues to find itself at the center of every next smart contract innovation, from DONs to hybrid smart contracts, empowering developers to leverage a wider range of oracle services and providing end-users with more full-featured dApps. The Chainlink Advocate Program is an excellent opportunity to position yourself to play a bigger role in the future of smart contract education and adoption. We look forward to working together in expanding the impact of the Chainlink Network and ushering in an economically fair world for any user, anywhere.


To learn more about Chainlink, visit chain.link, subscribe to the Chainlink newsletter, and follow Chainlink on TwitterYouTube, and Reddit.

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