Announcing the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon Winners

The Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon made it clear that Web3 innovation is accelerating at a breakneck pace.

With 10,000+ signups and 380+ project submissions from teams from all over the globe, this year’s Chainlink Hackathon blew all past records out of the water. 30+ hours of development tutorials empowered a new generation of hackers to start building on top of blockchain and oracle infrastructure, and many participants are now leveraging their hackathon projects to help them kickstart their Web3 careers. 

Thank you to all the participants, judges, sponsors, and mentors who came together to make the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon the largest and most successful Chainlink Hackathon to date. Listed below are the prize-winning projects. 

Hackathon Winners

This fall, $300k+ in prizes were awarded to standout hackathon projects across the following categories:

  • Grand Prize 
  • NFT & Gaming Prize
  • DeFi Prize
  • Chainlink Services Prizes (x3)
  • DAO Prize
  • Social Impact Prize
  • Women in Tech Prize
  • Top-Quality Prizes (x40)

Grand Prize ($25,000)

Shiro Storage

The grand prize for the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon was awarded to Shiro Storage, a platform for decentralized applications to store files of any kind. Built by developers Aayush Naik and Samyak Sarnayak, Shiro Storage’s cutting-edge decentralized storage solution handles the heavy lifting for developers by providing a simple interface that enables them to store files with only a Solidity contract and a client that calls it. Shiro Storage uses Chainlink Price Feeds, Automation, and Any API as required operational components.

NFTs and Gaming Prize ($15,000)

Mine Labor Simulator

The NFTs and Gaming prize was awarded to Mine Labor Simulator, a Web3 browser game built by educational web developer Donald Morton. In the game, players must fight their way through enemies to find ore, which can be smelted into metal and used to create NFT items. Mine Labor Simulator uses Chainlink Any API to extract ore from the in-game server to a player’s Web3 wallet and Chainlink VRF to randomize metal and item rarities. 

DeFi Prize ($15,000)


The DeFi prize was awarded to FUS(e)D, a lending protocol that leverages Chainlink Proof of Reserve to verify reserves for wrapped asset collateral types, Chainlink Price Feeds to help price digital asset values, and Chainlink Automation to help liquidate overleveraged positions. Created by developers Athul Sanjose and Dias Lona, FUS(e)D operates immutably and represents collateral vaults using dynamic NFTs (dNFTs).  

Chainlink Services Prize ($13,000)

The Chainlink Services prize is awarded to the top three projects that enhance the Chainlink Network, integrate Chainlink into core infrastructure such as wallets and storage solutions, or make it easier for developers to use Chainlink services.

LinkWallet (First Place | $7,000)

The first-place Chainlink Services prize was awarded to LinkWallet, an off-chain account abstraction layer that enables users to pay gas fees using an off-chain subscription. Built by developer Taijusanagi Sanagi, LinkWallet leverages the Stripe API and Chainlink External Adapters to reimagine the Web3 user experience and enable direct access to dApps. 

LINKIT (Second Place | $4,000)

The second-place Chainlink Services prize was awarded to Matt Durkin for LINKIT, a web app that accelerates the creation of decentralized oracle networks. Built as an extension of his previous Chainlink Hackathon project, Chainlink Job Spec Viz, LINKIT enables users to generate Chainlink node TOML job specs and visually drag, connect, and configure nodes on a canvas. This provides increased visibility into the execution pipeline and helps with debugging.

KNN3 Job Management (Third Place | $2,000)

The third-place Chainlink Services prize was awarded to KNN3, a user-friendly web app that allows developers to execute jobs that can process off-chain data and schedule the delivery of results to smart contracts. Built by developers Wenqing Yu and Li Zhang, KNN3 leverages Chainlink Automation and Any API to provide a one-stop solution for on-chain and off-chain data fetching, processing, and delivery.

DAO Prize ($10,000)

CryptoDo DAO

The DAO prize was awarded to CryptoDo DAO, a multi-chain DAO designer. Built by Artem Klymenko, Oleksandr Yavorskyi, Vladimir Zalevski, and Влад Овсянко, the application enables users to create DAO tokens and manage DAOs without programming skills. The project leverages Chainlink Any API to verify the achievement of quorum for DAO votes. 

Social Impact Prize ($10,000)


The social impact prize was awarded to Cyclimate, a Regenerative Finance (ReFi) application that promotes healthy practices such as bicycle use and increased physical activity by leveraging a native token that can be exchanged for prizes, services, and more. Created by Jhon Tabares, Juan Barreto, Luis Giraldo, Oscar Riojas, and Santiago Viana, Cyclimate leverages Chainlink Any API within its payment gateway and token minting process. 

Women in Tech Prize ($10,000)


The Women in Tech prize was awarded to Oriviz, a tool that enables developers to visualize, test, and debug Chainlink transactions in a single view. Developed by Akshata Mohanty, Oriviz allows developers to change parameters across any of the three pieces of the Chainlink stack (oracle node, oracle contract, and consumer contract) to test the entire job flow and see a hierarchy of events and transaction calls as they’re made.

Top-Quality Prizes ($500)

In addition to these prize winners, the following 40 projects were awarded a Top-Quality Prize for outstanding implementations. 

  1. Any data requester 
  2. Battle of Heroes 
  3. Blockfreight 
  4. ChainiFi 
  5. Chainlink Data Marketplace 
  6. Chainlink Price Feed integration to SAP 
  7. Community FanZone 
  8. D&D Diffusion 
  9. deBetting 
  10. DRCoordinator 1.0.0 
  11. EduNet 
  12. Flex Nodes 
  13. FOMO Casino 
  14. GetMePizza 
  15. GweiPump 
  16. Hackmon 
  17. Hypertally 
  18. IPPS 
  19. Job Explorer 
  20. KeepERC20 
  21. Liquidity Wars 
  22. MetaCare 
  23. NekoVerse 
  24. NiftyMatic 
  26. Order Pool DEX 
  27. Pandos 
  28. PDC Finance 
  29. Pistis Scor 
  30. Promise 
  31. Qaravan 
  32. Random As A Service (RAAS) 
  33. Random Clash 
  34. RealBlock 
  35. Sisyphus-protocol 
  36. Social DeFi 
  37. SYNERGY 
  38. Tweet.Win 
  39. Umpire 
  40. WC NFT Fantasy 

The Chainlink 2022 Fall Hackathon Is Officially Over

A heartfelt thank you to all of the talented attendees, expert mentors, dedicated judges, and generous sponsors who made this hackathon a resounding success. 

“The high caliber of hackathon projects in the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon proved there’s rapid innovation taking place across all Web3 verticals. We’re really excited to continue onboarding the next generation of smart contract developers through Chainlink Hackathons, from Web2 developers pivoting into our space to first-time coders.” —Melodi Kaya, Head of Developer Marketing at Chainlink Labs

Every hackathon team should be incredibly proud of what they’ve accomplished and use their hackathon experience to continue to build better, faster, and smarter. There’s a wealth of opportunity in Web3, and this hackathon was just the beginning for many of its participants.

We look forward to seeing you continue to push the boundary of what’s possible to build. Streamline your learning journey by diving into these expansive repositories of Web3 developer resources: 

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