Chainlink is Headed to ETHDenver

This February, Chainlink is coming to Denver, home of snowy slopes, craft beer, ambitious coders, and of course, the ETHDenver Hackathon.

Our team is excited to meet you during the festivities. We’ll be sporting shirts in Chainlink blue, trading tech know-how, sponsoring $5,000 worth of prizes, and cheering you on at every keystroke.

At Chainlink, our mission is to make smart contracts more useful by connecting them to the outside world through a decentralized oracle network. With only a few lines of code, you can securely and reliably link your smart contracts to external data sources, such as financial asset prices, IoT sensors, and weather feeds. This trusted connectivity is a must if smart contracts are to be adopted for mission critical applications in industries like insurance, law, and banking.

Need inspiration? Look to last year’s successful ETHSF Hackathon. The winners used Chainlink to build secure voting robots, enforced SLA agreements, and rebalancing crypto portfolios. Have questions or want to start exploring the platform? Join us on our Gitter channel.

We’ll be hosting a meetup with the Celer team the night before the hackathon, on Thursday February 14th, a perfect prelude to your Valentine’s Day evening! Learn more about the meetup and RSVP here.

Hackathon Checklist:

Before ETHDenverJoin our Telegram

At the Hackathon, some resources to help you get started:

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