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Zubin Pratap

8 articles by Zubin Pratap

Create a dApp To Pay Recording Artists Based on Their Spotify Streams

Learn to build a dApp that represents the on-chain royalty payment agreement between a record label and a music artist.

What Are Token Standards?

Learn what token standards are, why they matter, and the importance and impact of Ethereum token standards such as ERC-20 and ERC-721.

Upgradable Smart Contracts: What They Are and How To Deploy Your Own

In this blog, learn the fundamental design principles of upgradable smart contracts by deploying your own upgradable contract.

Reentrancy Attacks and The DAO Hack

Learn about reentrancy attacks and how they were used in the infamous DAO Hack, which led to an Ethereum fork.

What Are ABI and Bytecode in Solidity?

A hands-on introduction to Solidity ABIs and Bytecode covering how to rapidly generate and use them when prototyping smart contracts.

How To Build Dynamic ERC-721 NFTs Using Three Chainlink Trust-Minimized Services

Understand how to build a randomized, automated, dynamic NFT project using three Chainlink services.

Making Stablecoins More Stable With Chainlink Proof of Reserve

How stablecoins can be made more stable using Chainlink Proof of Reserve.

How To Build an NFT Marketplace With Solidity and Hardhat

A step-by-step tutorial covering how to build an NFT marketplace using Solidity and Hardhat.

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