Announcing the Chainlink Fall 2021 Hackathon

We’re excited to announce that registration is officially open for our biggest hackathon yet! From October 22 to November 28, 2021, developers, creators, and artists from across the blockchain ecosystem will come together to learn, collaborate, and build the next generation of hybrid smart contract applications, with the chance to win from a total prize pool of $300k. Register below to secure your spot today.

Whether you’re a veteran blockchain developer or just getting started in the space, our Chainlink Fall 2021 Hackathon is the perfect environment to level up your skills and learn alongside other community members with the mentorship of industry-leading smart contract experts. The hackathon features a wide range of introductory courses and resources for newcomers plus a wealth of prizes and opportunities for the more experienced. New to blockchain? No problem. Our different tracks give new developers the opportunity to skill up in a low-stakes environment and explore technical workshops led by world-class engineers. Already have an idea for a standout dApp? This is your chance to build it.

Realizing the Potential of Hybrid Smart Contracts

This year’s fall hackathon builds on the success of our past events, where individual participants and teams leveraged Chainlink’s wide range of off-chain services to build hybrid smart contract applications that are redefining what dApps can do. From decentralized weather insurance platforms to Tesla API blockchain integrations, past Chainlink hackathon winners have showcased a broad scope of new smart contract functionalities that are pushing innovation forward across the blockchain ecosystem.

Whether you need secure market data for a DeFi app, verifiable randomness for a blockchain-based game, or low-cost off-chain computation to automate various contract functions, Chainlink’s flexible oracle infrastructure provides developers with the extensive suite of decentralized services they need to build more feature-rich dApps.

Hackathon participants will have an entire month to explore, experiment, and build together, as well as the opportunity to meet top developers from Chainlink Labs, who will be available to check out your work, offer feedback, and give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to build at the cutting edge of the smart contract industry.

$300k in Total Prizes

This fall’s hackathon will give developers the chance to compete for prizes from a total pool of $300k across an array of categories, such as NFTs, DeFi, and Social Impact. Winning submissions will also have the opportunity to present their project at demo day.

Newcomers will gain access to a wealth of technical resources for learning how to build smart contract applications from leading educational names in the space, including ChainShot and Dapp University.

Over $220k will be awarded to the winners of various bounties sponsored by market-leading protocols and organizations, including Google Cloud, Filecoin, Moralis, AAVE,  Polygon, and ENS. Here’s a full snapshot of the prizes offered at this year’s fall hackathon:

  • Grand Prize – $15,000
  • NFT and Gaming – $7,500
  • DeFi Prize – $7,500
  • DAO Prize – $7,500
  • Social Impact Prize – $10,000
  • Chainlink Services – First – $7,500
  • Chainlink Services – Second – $4,000
  • Chainlink Services – Third – $2,000
  • Top Quality Project Winners – 40 x $500
  • Total Sponsor Prizes – $220,000
  • VC Demo Day
  • ChainShot Bootcamp Seat
  • Dapp University Bootcamp Seat
  • 30 “Welcome” NFTs

Two Tracks to Accommodate All Skill Levels

This year, we’re offering two tracks to make sure developers of all skill levels are included within our community. Split into a “Welcome Track” and a “Main Track,” developers can choose their Chainlink Fall Hackathon adventure accordingly.

Main Track

The Main Track is for experienced blockchain developers looking to take their smart contract experience and projects to the next level. Developers in this track can win awesome prizes and cash bounties while competing for a chance to pitch their project at demo day.

Welcome Track

The Welcome Track is intended for developers who are new to blockchain coding and want to participate in their first smart contract hackathon. This track allows community members who are earlier in their development journey to compete in a low-stakes environment, win cash prizes, acquire Chainlink swag and NFTs, and get access to valuable educational resources.

Register Today and Gear Up With Chainlink Hackathon Resources

To help maximize the success of projects, hackathon participants will be provided with direct access to experienced mentors and technical support, extensive educational materials for learning about off-chain services, live workshops showcasing how to use Chainlink, and much more. We also encourage you to join the hackathon channel in the official Chainlink Discord to meet other hackers, as well as explore our collection of developer resources below:

If you want to kickstart your blockchain development journey and #BuildWithChainlink to realize the full potential of hybrid smart contracts, sign up below to secure your spot today for the Chainlink Fall 2021 Hackathon. This is our biggest hackathon yet and poised to spur a major wave of innovation across DeFi, the NFT economy, and the larger smart contract ecosystem. As always, we can’t wait to see what you build.

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