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Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon Winners

The Spring 2021 Chainlink Hackathon saw record-breaking developer turnout, with 4,000+ signups, 140+ project submissions, and participants hailing from 170+ countries and multiple blockchains across the ecosystem. Developers of all experience levels and technical backgrounds came together to discover the broad capabilities of Chainlink’s oracle infrastructure and build a wide range of hybrid smart contracts that leverage both on-chain and off-chain computation.

Through our Community Grants program and sponsors, we are pleased to award over $125,000 in prizes to recognize the top projects built with Chainlink. These submissions highlight the power of smart contracts and decentralized oracle networks for an array of use cases, from DeFi to decentralized gaming, and were brought to life in just a few short weeks. This diverse range of winning projects emphasizes how developers can build more feature-rich smart contracts by accessing off-chain data and computation through Chainlink oracle networks, whether they’re coordinating activity across chains, minting NFTs, or bringing data on-chain from the real world.

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and judges who made this hackathon a success and the largest Chainlink hackathon yet. Together you all showcased what’s possible when you #BuildWithChainlink.

Hackathon Winners

Grand Prize ($8,000 USD)

The Grand Prize of $8,000 goes to deBridge, a cross-chain liquidity bridge built by Anastasia Kondaurova, Alex Smirnov, and Yaroslav Artyukh. deBridge uses Chainlink oracles as the bridge mechanism to ensure accurate staking and unlocking of assets between blockchains, starting with a proof of concept between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The team built a software kit to set up Chainlink Nodes that monitor connected blockchains for an initiated bridge transaction (e.g., ETH on Ethereum to WETH on BSC). deBridge has also integrated a Tornado Cash component to add private bridge transactions to their solution. By using Chainlink’s decentralized oracles, deBridge is removing potential influence from centralized intermediaries and minimizing trust for cross-chain transfers.

DeFi Prize ($3,000 USD)

The DeFi Prize of $3,000 goes to weather derivatives platform Vulcan Exchange by Marc Thalen. Vulcan Exchange opens hard-to-access weather derivatives to the public via a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. Participants can hedge against weather-based events by taking positions with Heat Day Degree (HDD) derivatives. This allows participants to recoup funds when weather events negatively impact their business. For example, if a farmer anticipates that they will lose money on cold days, they can take a position on HDDs that pay out on cold degree days, offsetting their farming losses. Vulcan Exchange uses Chainlink External Adapters to call weather data to determine HDD values.

 NFT & Gaming Prize ($3,000 USD)

The NFT & Gaming Prize of $3000 goes to Louell Sala, Irvin Chen, Daniel Poblano, Nathan Misner, and Aron Ayuk’s, a dynamic NFT-creation platform that uses preset thresholds on Chainlink Price Feeds or other APIs to determine when an NFT image should change. This lets users create NFTs that react to external data in real-time, creating a new dynamic class of digital art. The team also developed a fractionalized NFT system to parcel out ownership of NFT shares represented by ERC-20 tokens for each NFT.

Social Impact Prize ($5,000 USD)

The Social Impact Prize, brought to you in partnership with the UNESCO Global Education Coalition, goes to Smart Scholarship for Social Impact by developers James Mulqueeny and Natarajan Chandrasekhar. Smart Scholarship will receive $5000 for their scholarship award solution, which enables donors across the globe to fund students based on academic performance, no matter their geography or local currency. Donors deposit funds into smart contracts that are then awarded to participating students who earn high academic marks. Grades are called using Chainlink External Adapters, which bring off-chain academic performance data on-chain to trigger an automatic financial payout.

 GovTech Prize ($5,000 USD)

For this year’s inaugural GovTech prize, developed in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Reno, Nevada, we had a tie. The two winning submissions are:

  • FarmerNet by Lucy Low, a dynamic NFT solution for land-based carbon emission credits that enables a peer-to-peer marketplace to offset carbon emissions. By using Chainlink oracles to indicate the geographic coordinates on each NFT for the precise carbon offset, FarmerNet enables stakeholders to track, trace, match, and manage offsetting efforts according to particular geographic requirements.
  • Transport Chain by Chris Buonocore and Brian Cottrell, a dynamic pricing solution for government transport services. Transport Chain uses Chainlink API calls to the GeoDB oracle and Chainlink Price Feeds to determine an optimal rate for public transportation services given varying ridership volumes. This ensures that the price to ride public transportation reflects the demand for services at the time, evening out costs and revenue for municipalities and encouraging riders to distribute their ridership times.
 Open Prize ($3,000 USD)

The Open Prize of $3000 goes to Universal Parametric Insurance, built by Lukas Sexton, Mike Robinson, Seth Andrus, and Luis Ramírez. Parametric is a digital asset risk management platform that uses Chainlink Proof of Reserve to determine parametric insurance payouts and stop-loss levels for the TUSD stablecoin. The Parametric smart contract monitors funds deposited by the user’s wallet and reserves in the TUSD protocol via the Armanino Chainlink External Adapter that monitors TUSD’s Proof of Reserve. Parametric then executes preset actions when there is a change in the reserve smart contract. The Parametric team built their project to offer a way to mitigate risk for the TUSD stablecoin contracts and create a more stable DeFi ecosystem.

 Runner-Up Awards ($500 USD each)

Due to the impressive number of high-quality submissions, we have increased the number of runner-up awards to twenty winning submissions. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Thank You

Thank you to all Chainlink Virtual Hackathon 2021 participants! We look forward to your continued participation in future hackathons and are eager to see how your hackathon projects mature. We encourage you to stay in touch with the other participants you collaborated with over the past several weeks and to keep exploring Chainlink’s broad set of oracle solutions. This hackathon was yet another resounding success and burst of smart contract innovation that would have been impossible without our talented community. Thank you again for all your contributions.

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