Congratulations to the Winners of the Chainlink Virtual Hackathon 2020

The Chainlink Virtual Hackathon showcased first hand the massive evolution in smart contract development now possible through secure off-chain connectivity via Chainlink oracles. The developer turnout was tremendous, getting 1,000+ signups, 70+ project submissions, and developer participation from 45+ countries and multiple different blockchains.

We are delighted to show our appreciation and award over $60,000 in prizes to the most innovative projects building universally connected smart contract applications with real world potential. The creative and diverse range of projects submitted to the Hackathon reinforce our belief that connecting blockchains to a vast array of off-chain data, API services, and computation is the primary catalyst that will spark mass development and adoption of smart contracts as the dominant form of digital agreement.

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and judges who made this virtual hackathon such a success by showing the vast possibilities available to developers who #BuildWithChainlink.

Grand Prize ($8,000 USD)

The Grand Prize of $8,000 in LINK goes to peer-to-peer Tesla car rental platform Link My Ride by Harry Papacharissiou, Matt Durkin, and Dunken Bliths. Harry used Chainlink to connect Tesla’s feature-rich API to Ethereum smart contracts, enabling the two parties to specify a rental period, unlock the vehicle doors for the renter, record the length of time rented, calculate mileage driven, determine the remaining battery charge, and automate rental payments. According to Harry, this peer-to-peer rental agreement dynamic can return upwards of 30% in revenue back to the car owner/provider that would otherwise go to a centralized platform.

Best Gaming/NFT Project ($4,000 USD)

The Best Gaming/NFT Project prize of $4000 in LINK goes to Tina Xu, Irvin Cardenas, John May, and Cait-L’s FarmTogether — a no-loss yield farming RPG that uses players’ game performance (growing crops) and Chainlink VRF to mint in-game farm-themed NFTs with varying soil fertility, seed types, and farm yield attributes. As part of the game, players pool DAI and deposit it in Aave’s money market to earn interest, which players can then earn a portion of by burning their NFTs, with some crops being more valuable than others.

Best DeFi Project ($4,000 USD)

The Best DeFi Project prize of $4,000 in LINK goes to peer-to-peer insurance marketplace SHIELD. SHIELD is an insurance platform funded by AMM pools that generate yield and automatically payout insurance contracts in the event of a claim based directly on data delivered by Chainlink oracles from flight, shipping, and life insurance APIs.

Best Open Project ($4,000 USD)

The Best Open Project prize of $4000 in LINK goes to Aaron Wasserman and Aram Moghaddassi’s The Open Library Project, which uses Chainlink to connect an RFID scanner to a smart contract that manages a library, particularly checking out books and taking in new books. The developers aim to supplement the existing decentralized physical network Little Free Library with this new open-source, community-driven software.

Runner Up Awards ($500 USD)

In no particular order

  • Ki.Dot – A microlending platform on Substrate that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to convert blockchain tokens to USD loans for off-chain websites like Kiva.
  • Parametric Water-Level Insurance – A parametric insurance application for the marine insurance industry that uses Chainlink to retrieve current water-level data.
  • GoldedStarSwap – An Ethereum-Harmony cross-chain swap dApp that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to swap ETH or ERC-20 tokens into the native Harmony token ONE.
  • Fruity Market – A fruit vending machine application that enables USD-denominated payments in ETH using Chainlink’s ETH/USD Price Feed.
  • Integration with Argent Wallet – An Argent Wallet integration that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to calculate the user-determined daily limits for outgoing transactions.
  • Chain Draw – A Twitter bot that uses Chainlink VRF to randomly select a winner on-chain from a pool of users who retweeted a particular tweet.
  • Intoo TV – A peer-to-peer live streaming platform that uses Chainlink VRF to generate unique QR codes used as tickets to access live streams.
  • Dexcrows – A decentralized escrow app for swapping BTC and ETH that uses Chainlink oracles to query BTC address balances to ensure there are sufficient funds.
  • reNFT – An NFT rental marketplace leveraging Chainlink Price Feeds to fetch current NFT market prices from OpenSea.
  • Take&Stop – A stop loss contract using Gelato and Chainlink Price Feeds that executes automatically when asset prices reach a target level.
  • Feldmex Variance Swaps – A variance swap platform that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to calculate an asset pair’s variance from the current fair market price.
  • Dereit – A tokenized real estate platform that uses Chainlink to access real estate properties’ surface area data.

Thank you to all Chainlink Virtual Hackathon 2020 participants! We look forward to your continued participation in future hackathons, as we continually strive to redefine how contracts are used around the world to the benefit of both the individual users and society as a whole.

If you’re a developer and want to quickly get your application connected to Chainlink Price FeedsChainlink VRF, or access any API, visit the developer documentation and join the technical discussion in Discord. If you want to schedule a call to discuss the integration more in-depth, reach out here.
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