Announcing the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon Winners

The Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon made it clear—Web3 innovation is accelerating at an unparalleled speed.

With 14,000+ registrants and a record-breaking 498+ project submissions from teams in 100+ countries, this hackathon blew all past benchmarks out of the water.  There’s never been a better or easier time to build in Web3: Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon attendees had a wealth of resources and support available to bring their ideas to life. Evidence of this rising wave of new builders: ~40% of registrants had little to no experience building with blockchain technology.

A huge thank you to all the participants, judges, sponsors, and mentors involved in the hackathon—it is because of everyone’s collective efforts that the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon set records as the largest Chainlink Hackathon to date. 

Below, we are proud to present the prize-winning projects.

Hackathon Winners

This spring, $400K+ in prizes were distributed across the following categories: 

  • Grand Prize
  • Tech for Good Prizes (x2)
  • NFTs and Gaming Prize
  • DeFi Prize
  • AI Prize
  • Chainlink Services Prizes (x3)
  • DAO Prize
  • Women in Tech Prize
  • Top-Quality Prizes (x40)

Grand Prize ($25,000)


The Grand Prize for the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon was awarded to Securechain, a hybrid transfer validation system designed to protect NFTs and tokens in hot wallets from wallet-draining attacks. Built by solo developer Eduard Lopez, Securechain takes a hybrid Web2/Web3 approach that uses Chainlink Functions to create a two-factor authorization process for transferring digital assets. 

In building Securechain, Lopez proposed two new EIP standards to help support safe transfers, and by using Securechain, users can migrate assets from “normal” to “secured” tokens (and vice versa). When a transfer is requested on secured tokens, Securechain uses Chainlink Functions to post that transfer request to the Securechain application, and the user can then approve the transfer via the web app. 

Tech for Good Prizes ($20,000)

The Tech for Good prize is awarded to projects that use blockchain and Chainlink oracle technology for social impact. This spring, two prizes were awarded—the first for \$15,000 and the second for \$5,000.

DREx ($15,000)

The first place Tech for Good prize was awarded to DREx, a platform that connects solar developers, corporations with potential project sites, and investors to supercharge the creation of solar projects. The team, consisting of developers Joselyne Del Rosario, Tomás Cordero, Shobhit Goyal, Ahron Sotomayor, and Trevor Chan, collaborated with an operational solar plant in Ecuador as a proof of concept.

DREx uses data from an Ecuadorian solar installation and tokenizes its energy output to create renewable energy certificates (RECs). The RECs produced via a third-party certifier serve as collateral backing for e-NFT bonds and are actively monitored by a proof of solar feed. The project uses Chainlink Any API to get data from the solar installations and IoT devices.

This creates a financial product combining IoT and blockchain technology, providing transparency to emerging markets’ capital providers, insurance against greenwashing critiques, and support for climate initiatives while also opening up the potential for RWA-focused DeFi applications with real-time traceability. 

Agrosurance ($5,000)

The second-place Tech for Good prize was awarded to Agrosurance, a platform that provides decentralized and transparent insurance coverage to farmers. Built by developers Yash Goyal, Riya Jain, Spandan Barve, and Ishpreet KaurBedi, Agrosurance leverages Chainlink Functions to access real-time data from external data sources to calculate insurance premiums and verify claims that are then settled by smart contracts. 

NFTs and Gaming Prize ($15,000)

Data NFT for Data Licensing

Built by developers Ricky Yuen, Fei Lin, and Charles Cao, DataNFT for Dataset Licensing empowers data owners to tokenize their datasets into NFTs for increased control over data access and usage. By issuing licenses embedded in these DataNFTs, owners can set parameters around the scope, duration, and terms of data usage with the goal of better safeguarding their intellectual property. The project also seeks to enable data owners to license their datasets to create new revenue streams.  

DataNFT for Dataset Licensing uses Chainlink Functions to verify ownership of platform assets and connect the platform to users (or LLMs) who want to license data. This ultimately creates a trust-minimized process that seeks to verify license ownership, as well as generate and distribute data licenses.

DeFi Prize ($15,000)

Prompt DeFi

Prompt DeFi is a user-friendly platform that simplifies DeFi applications by enabling users to execute actions through simple text inputs or voice commands. Created by developers Anastasiia Kondaurova and Kyrylo Orlov,  Prompt DeFi uses account abstraction to eliminate user-facing network fees and leverages a trained ChatGPT AI model to process transactions from text- or voice-based prompts.

For example, by using Prompt DeFi, new DeFi users can perform transactions with simple text prompts such as “Swap 1 ETH for wBTC” or “Deposit 1BTC to Aave and borrow 10,000 USDT.” Prompt DeFi also uses Chainlink Automation for transactions that have conditions (i.e., limit orders).

AI Prize ($15,000)


StoryChain is a decentralized application created by developer Cem Ad enabling users to collaborate on AI-generated stories, where each chapter belongs to a different user. Upon initiating a story, the creator defines the genre, selects the AI for story and image generation, and other users continue the narrative by reading previous chapters and providing their own prompts. 

Each page of the story is minted as a unique NFT owned by the contributing user and can be viewed on OpenSea, and the project uses Chainlink Functions to connect the application to various AI models.

Chainlink Services Prizes ($13,000)

The Chainlink Services prize is awarded to the top three projects that improve the Chainlink Network, integrate Chainlink into foundational infrastructure, or make it simple for developers to use the Chainlink Web3 services platform.

Maven ($7,000)

Incepted by Yash Jagtap, 0xthresh, Geoffrey Millar, Merdi Kimuha, Shobhit Sundriyal, Maven is a platform that enables social media agencies to manage Lens profiles on behalf of their clients. The project leverages account abstraction to provide a secure way for agencies to post with a client’s Lens profile without the risk of profile theft.

Additionally, Maven enables agencies and Lens users to automatically coordinate payments based on smart contracts. These payments are based on measurable metrics such as likes, interactions, and more from the Lens API, which is delivered to the application using Chainlink Any API.

Chainiversity ($4,000)

Chainiversity is an interactive, on-chain learning platform that aims to foster a more active and engaged Chainlink developer community. Pioneered by developers Muhammed Mustafa Savar and Ege Aybars Bozkurt, Chainiversity provides a gamified learning experience that consists of three levels, each focused on a different Chainlink service. The project validates smart contract development directly on-chain and rewards developers with soulbound NFT certificates upon the successful completion of levels.

Vernari Protocol ($2,000)

Vernari is a decentralized escrow protocol that connects smart contracts to the Shippo e-commerce shipping software to create trust-minimized digital asset payment functionality for store items. Smart contracts are used as escrow for digital asset payments and are automatically released once the tracking information is verified. 

Built by solo developer Jon Gregis, Vernari uses Chainlink Functions to connect to Shippo’s data to verify the shipment has been sent and then Chainlink Automation to trigger the payment.

DAO Prize ($10,000)

The PAO (Private DAO)

The PAO, or “Private DAO,” is a DAO framework that solves privacy concerns for DAO operations, which have historically been transparently recorded on-chain due to the inherent nature of blockchains. Built by developers Nguyen Pham, Nguyễn Dương, Phạm Văn Nam, and Tan Phan, the PAO leverages zero-knowledge circuits to offer unparalleled privacy for a DAO’s funding and voting processes and leverages Chainlink Automation to help trigger all autonomous actions within the DAO framework for increased operational efficiency.

Women in Tech Prize ($10,000)

Super Cool AI

SuperCool AI is a generative AI-powered NFT marketplace that generates NFTs based on AI-powered prompts and inputs. Users can generate anything—from personalized profile pictures and game assets to metaverse avatars—using AI, and then simply mint the images as NFTs. The application is supercharged by Chainlink oracle services: VRF helps enable randomized variations of prompts/results, Automation is used to help trigger dynamic NFT changes, and Price Feeds are used to help determine conversation rates for payment processes.

Top-Quality Prizes ($500)

In addition to the main prize winners listed above, the following 40 projects were awarded a Top-Quality Prize for their outstanding implementations.

The Spring 2023 Hackathon Has Officially Concluded

As always, we are grateful for the amazing mentors, judges, and sponsors who made this hackathon a resounding success and the largest Chainlink Hackathon thus far. We’d also like to express a heartfelt thank you to all the talented hackathon attendees for taking the time to build amazing projects that showcase the power of blockchain and oracle technology. In the coming weeks, the top 100 hackathon projects should expect to receive written feedback from the Chainlink Labs team. 

Equipped with the latest tools the Web3 development ecosystem had to offer, from Chainlink Functions and account abstraction to AI and decentralized data storage, many of this season’s hackathon teams created first-of-their-kind applications—a great sign for what’s to come in our industry. Every participant should feel proud of what they’ve built and continue to push the boundaries of their knowledge. We look forward to seeing what you’ll build at the Chainlink Fall 2023 Hackathon.

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