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Chainlink Hackathon Champions Reveal Their Winning Projects

Three teams at the 2018 September ETH San Francisco Hackathon won the Chainlink hackathon prizes for their implementations of Chainlink on the Ethereum blockchain.Hackathon entrants pit their technical skills against each other over a 36-hour weekend to build a working blockchain application.

Running a Chainlink Node for the First Time

This article serves as a guide for new Chainlink node operators interested in learning what it takes to run a node. While this document is neutral towards any operating system, it does require some familiarity with the command line, which is commonly used by Linux and Mac users. Additionally, it is perfectly fine to run

Debugging Chainlink With Visual Studio Code

This guide is geared towards those who may be new developers, or maybe just new to Golang. Debugging is an essential part of programming, and can greatly enhance your understanding of the system you are working on. In this guide, you will be shown how to set up Visual Studio Code for use with the Golang language.

Chainlink External Adapters Explained

The commonly used definition of an oracle in regards to blockchain technology is to retrieve data from the internet and feed it to a smart contract. Chainlink provides the functionality to do that in a decentralized manner, but it also adds some extra power, by making use of external adapters to produce outputs.

ChainLink White Paper — Section 6 — Long-Term Technical Strategy

This section of the ChainLink white paper dives into further detail on some of the properties of the ideal oracle solution proposed in Section 3. There are three main sub-sections: oracle confidentiality, infrastructure changes, and off-chain computation.

Viewing Chainlink Transactions on the Ropsten Testnet

To begin, you can watch the transactions of the deployed LINK token contract on Ropsten here. This link filters for the event topics of data requests. Click on a transaction and go to the Event Logs tab and you’ll notice some of the events contain a lot more data than the others.

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