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What Is a Sybil Attack?

Sybil attacks are a type of cyberattack that open peer-to-peer networks, including blockchains, are uniquely susceptible to.

How Blockchains Are Using Chainlink CCIP to Power Their Canonical Token Bridge

Explore how blockchain networks are using Chainlink CCIP as their official blockchain interoperability solution to power their canonical token bridge.

What Is a Replay Attack?

Replay attacks can result in fraudulent transactions, key security breaches, and unauthorized network access. This blog explains how they work.

The Verifiable Web: Fixing the Internet’s Truth Problem

The verifiable web uses blockchains, oracles, and cryptography to give users proof about how systems work and control over their data, identities, and assets.



Research Report: The Need for a Chainlink DeFi Yield Index

This research report explores the need for a Chainlink DeFi Yield Index—a new approach that uses Chainlink oracles to aggregate DeFi lending yield rates.

新报告:对Chainlink DeFi Yield Index的需求

Chainlink DeFi Yield Index (CDY Index) 旨在利用业界标准的Chainlink价格预言机来聚合DeFi借贷收益率。通过提高链上借贷协议收益机会的易寻性,CDY指数旨在提升DeFi借贷市场的资本效率。

Seven Key Cross-Chain Bridge Vulnerabilities Explained

If you’re a user, dApp developer, or financial institution going cross-chain, you need to know these seven cross-chain vulnerabilities.


要实现跨链安全性,只采取某一种安全机制是不够的。实际上,要建立稳健的跨链安全模式,需要采取深度防御机制,综合使用多种安全机制,全面地防范攻击。这也是我们构建行业标准的跨链解决方案Chainlink CCIP的初衷。

Chainlink Automation 2.0’s Verifiable Compute—A Leap Forward for Web3 Computation

Dive into the feature enhancements and new sets of automation triggers introduced by Chainlink Automation 2.0’s verifiable compute capabilities.

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