Announcing Smart Contract Summit #1

Registration is now officially open for Smart Contract Summit #1, the premier blockchain conference powered by Chainlink, which is back this August 5-7, 2021. As the largest Chainlink event of the year, Smart Contract Summit #1 will feature three full days of keynotes, panels, workshops, AMAs, and more from top DeFi and NFT projects, developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, and other leaders across the blockchain ecosystem.

3 Full Days, 200+ Speakers From Across the Blockchain Industry

The Chainlink Network provides core oracle infrastructure to hundreds of projects on numerous chains across the rapidly growing blockchain ecosystem. SmartCon is our way to bring our incredible and vast ecosystem together—users, engineers, data providers, node operators, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, community members, and beyond—to showcase the latest smart contract innovations and uncover the emerging trends that will shape the future of our industry.

Attendees will have an opportunity to engage with top teams from across DeFi, the NFT economy, and the larger blockchain space, as well as a chance to go behind-the-scenes with leading projects through AMAs, workshops, and more. This is your chance to connect directly with the visionaries of our industry, explore the ins and outs of protocol design with your favorite dApp builders, interact with teams building Chainlink, and network with peers across the globe over the common interest of advancing smart contract adoption. One takeaway from our inaugural summit last year was that SmartCon is an incredible environment for cross-collaboration, where people from all ends of our ecosystem can come together to lay the groundwork for the next generation of smart contract use cases.

This year, we have another world-class lineup of speakers from across the blockchain space, with new speakers being added daily. Speakers will present from featured projects including:

  • Top DeFi protocols, such as Aave, Ampleforth, and Bancor
  • Layer 1s and Layer 2s, like Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Plasm
  • Pioneers of dynamic NFTs and VRF, including Aavegotchi, Polkamon, and PoolTogether

Leaders from across the Chainlink ecosystem, including Chainlink Co-founder Sergey Nazarov and Chainlink Labs Chief Scientist Ari Juels, will also present at the summit, along with notable Chainlink node operators, data providers, and researchers.

SmartCon will offer a wide range of programming, from keynote speeches to panel discussions, live demos, and technical workshops. Specific session topics will cover the future of DeFi, the rise of enterprise blockchain adoption, the latest research around smart contracts and decentralized oracle networks, and more. Members of the various teams working on Chainlink will also share the evolution network laid out in the Chainlink 2.0 whitepaper and the far-reaching impact of hybrid smart contracts.

Secure Your Spot Today: August 5-7, 2021

Smart Contract Summit #1 tickets are free but limited so make sure to reserve your spot today.

Also, check out the Smart Contract Summit website and follow the Chainlink Labs Twitter to get the latest updates on new speaker announcements and other news surrounding the event. We’ll be highlighting featured speakers and projects in the run-up to the summit, so stay tuned. We can’t wait to celebrate the tremendous momentum of our ecosystem with you in August and collaborate in envisioning the future of smart contract innovation and adoption. We are all in this together.

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