Why SmartCon 2022 Is the Must-Attend Web3 Event of the Year

SmartCon 2022 is a week-long Web3 experience in the heart of NYC, with the flagship conference taking place from September 28-29. 

Pictures of the Market Line, where SmartCon 2022's flagship conference will be hosted.
SmartCon 2022’s flagship conference is set underneath the Essex Market, at the center of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Whether you’re a developer, founder, startup, academic, crypto enthusiast, or a Web2 enterprise trying to bridge to Web3, SmartCon 2022 by Chainlink has something unique for you that you won’t find at any other crypto or tech conference. 

Here are seven reasons why this is a must-attend experience, no matter where you are on your Web3 journey.

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1. SmartCon is the connection point for everyone across Web3

Picture of NYC NFT meetup
Events at NFT.NYC gathered together passionate NFT enthusiasts from all around the world.

With the Web3 community scattered across the globe, opportunities to make in-person Web3 connections are few and far between. The week-long SmartCon 2022 experience in NYC gives you the chance to meet new and old friends from every corner of the Web3 community face to face. 

Explore SmartCon’s flagship conference with your team to knowledge-share with Web3 veterans, grab a bite at a deli down the block with a long-time Discord acquaintance, make new connections with community members at networking and satellite events scattered across the city, or simply immerse yourself in NYC’s legendary nightlife scene with the broader Web3 community.

2. Get the inside scoop from luminaries across Web3 and the broader tech sector

Picture of Sergey Nazarov giving a speech
At SmartCon 2022, global thought leaders such as Sergey Nazarov will take to the stage.

Thought leaders see what others don’t, looking past the technological limitations of today to envision what’s possible tomorrow. Their forward-thinking ideas become fuel for founders, developers, and researchers, providing valuable direction for industry innovation. 

At SmartCon, attendees get front-row seats to see thought leaders and tech visionaries like Balaji Srinivasan and Eric Schmidt. Explore what the end game of blockchain technology will look like, from widespread institutional adoption across Web2 tech and traditional companies to the formation of Internet-native network states. 

And a big bonus: seven lucky SmartCon attendees will be randomly chosen to grab a Big Mac and talk shop with Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink.

3. Be the first to find out the next big industry trends

A photo of a Chainlink tech tutorial
Web3 moves fast, but SmartCon moves faster.

Last year’s SmartCon popped the hood on the major innovations and new crypto primitives that went on to catalyze the NFT boom, DeFi 2.0,  and other overarching Web3 narratives of last year:

And much more. SmartCon 2022 is the place to catch alpha on the next wave of financial primitives, smart contract applications, and use cases that will shape the future of Web3. Get the first glimpse into what could become industry-defining projects, technologies, and research, from layer-2 execution environments and trust-minimized hardware to digital identity solutions.

4. Discover the newest Chainlink innovations

A diagram of the Chainlink ecosystem
The Chainlink ecosystem spans all parts of the Web3 stack.

As core infrastructure of the Web3 stack, the Chainlink Network has historically supercharged the development of cutting-edge dApps across numerous blockchains and layer 2s.

Oracle innovation leads to innovation across the entire ecosystem, and SmartCon 2022 gives attendees an inside look into what’s coming next. Learn about the latest technical advancements around new Chainlink services from the Chainlink Labs Research Team, from the role of zero-knowledge technology in Web3 to the importance of near real-time audits for tokenizing real-world assets.

5. Find your future user base and builder base

A diagram of the Orbit Model
An alternative to the traditional market funnel purpose-built for developer relations.

For dev infrastructure and dApp project teams, SmartCon 2022 is one of the few events that spans all of Web3 to bring together a large network of researchers, developers, and users. 

SmartCon is where you can get a read of the entire Web3 landscape and learn how to differentiate yourself from the crowd, evangelize your mission in person, and kickstart your project’s desired network effects. More than that, SmartCon also offers unique technical workshops and developer-focused presentations that are designed to help you become a better builder. 

If you’re looking to attract early adopters for your dApp, battle-test your sales pitch, get technical feedback on your system design, learn how to build an active community of developers, understand the key ingredients of a competitive moat, and generally set your project apart among the increasingly fervent space of Web3, SmartCon is the place to find your critical base.

6. Discover new opportunities for funding and investment

The relationship between startups and venture capitalists is filled with information asymmetry and requires mutual alignment and trust in both directions.

SmartCon is the perfect place to build deep connections that can only be fostered in person. While online communication works great for monthly meetings, cap table negotiations, and technical questions, there’s no replacement for a good, old-fashioned handshake when making a deal.

7. Kickstart your career in Web3

A quote card from Ben Chan
SmartCon 2022 is an ideal environment to break into Web3.

The Web3 industry is small and domain knowledge is scarce. Blockchain developers still make up only a tiny fraction of the software developer labor pool, while non-engineering departments often require employees with deep product knowledge and passion for individual projects—which makes hiring the right people a difficult task. 

Small industries are where personal connections shine. Passionate, knowledgeable individuals that align with a startup’s mission and culture are valuable. If you’re a blockchain enthusiast aiming to work in Web3, coming to SmartCon in NYC is a way to signal your dedication and expertise directly to the projects you’re most interested in. Visit project booths at SmartCon’s flagship conference with your resume in hand, network with the teams behind your favorite dApps at intimate satellite events, and take charge of your Web3 career.

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