Chainlink Hosts Oracle HackerNode at Web3 Summit 2019

We are excited to announce the events of the Oracle HackerNode — a series of Chainlink hosted events happening as part of the greater Web3 Summit held from August 19-21, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

Chainlink’s Oracle HackerNode aims to bring together developers and enthusiasts from around the world to collectively recognize how decentralized oracles are crucial for developing smart contracts with real-world impact. We are showcasing the early pioneers (projects, platforms, data providers and node operators) who are making connected smart contracts a reality by giving them a stage to present their foundational work and partake in nuanced discussions about its future.

Chainlink Labs, an adamant believer in transforming the social fabric of society, actively participates in and supports the development of open-source and decentralized technologies. Given our affinity to the ethos of Web 3, we believe it’s the perfect event to delve deeper into emerging components of the Chainlink ecosystem.

Chainlink’s Oracle HackerNode will include talks, panel discussions, live demos, a developer workshop, and a design contest that includes both developers and the wider community.

Web3 OracleNode Agenda (Hosted by Chainlink) by Chainlink on Scribd



We have over 18 planned talks consisting of projects using Chainlink oracles in their Dapps, smart contract and layer-two protocols integrating with Chainlink, and node operators/data providers that are providing innovative and valuable datasets to the growing smart contract market. Below is a list of the speakers presenting at Oracle HackerNode.

Projects – Dennison Bertram (OpenZeppelin), Aaron Wright  (OpenLaw), Hugh Karp (Nexus Mutual), and Kyle J Kistner (bZx)

Platforms – Cooper Kunz  (Hedera Hashgraph), Qi Zhou (Quarkchain), Jim Zhang  (Kaleido), Laszlo Szabo (SkillZ), Matthew Finestone (Loopring), and Qingkai Liang (Celer)

Node Operators/Data Providers – Jonny Huxtable (LinkPool), Hendrik Hofstadt (, Jonathan Wolff (Streamr), Burak Benligiray (CLCG), Trevor Clarke (Amberdata), Robert Edström (Kaiko), and Peter Eulberg (

Panel Discussions

In addition to the exciting list of speakers, there will be panel discussions relating to node operations, real-world data on the blockchain, building DeFi applications, and attracting developers. Panel discussions are a great medium to debate current and future developments in a moderated, yet free-flowing forum. Listed below are the four panel discussions taking place at Oracle HackerNode.

Being a Chainlink Node Operator featuring Jonny Huxtable (LinkPool), Cristian Lucera (Bitfish), Hendrik Hofstadt (, Peter Eulberg (, and Andrew Paulicek (LinkForest).

Providing Real-World Data to Blockchain featuring Henri Pihkala (Streamr), Trevor Clarke (AmberData), Robert Edström (Kaiko), and Andrew Thurman (CLC Group).

Getting More Developers to Build on Blockchain featuring Cooper Kunz (Hedera), Oliver Birch (Wanchain), Qi Zhou (Quarkchain), and Jim Zhang (Kaleido).

Building Defi Applications featuring Matthew Finestone (Loopring), Kyle J Kistner (bZx), and Hugh Karp (Nexus Mutual).

Developer Workshop and Live Demos

We will be hosting a developer workshop along with several live demos that show developers first-hand how to build the next generation of connected smart contracts. This includes bringing real-world data onto the blockchain, using various developer tools, and fostering better understandings of the data providers available to your smart contracts.

Developer Contest

The developer contest will be the perfect occasion to apply this newly acquired knowledge to use. Developers who went through the workshop and live demos will have a few hours to experiment with Chainlink’s tech by working on some cool, novel concepts. They’ll be assisted by mentors from Chainlink as well as data providers such as Kaiko, AmberData, and Streamr.

Design Contest

We’re very excited to harness the energy of our passionate community by hosting a community design contest. Check out the details here. We look forward to your submission!

Come Join Us!

Oracle HackerNode is the perfect occasion to get an all-encompassing introduction to the Chainlink ecosystem. While tokenization has brought tremendous value to the Web3 ecosystem, it’s time for the next leap forward into connected smart contracts capable of replacing the backend infrastructure of critical business processes.

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