The Chainlink Community Rapidly Expands Around the World, Driving Ecosystem Growth

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Since the launch of the Chainlink Community Advocate Program three months ago, the Chainlink Advocate community has thoroughly embraced spreading the message of connected smart contracts globally. A testament to this outgrowth is the rapid expansion of multiple community-hosted meetups around the world each week. We’re invigorated by the enthusiasm of our volunteer Advocates both online and at offline events. They have inspired more community members, ecosystem integrators, and developers to get involved with Chainlink.

A Berlin meetup that featured several Chainlink Node Operators: stake.fishCertus OneChainlayerSecure Data Links, and

In the three months since the Advocate Program launch, we now have:

30+ Chainlink advocates in 15+ countries. Our Advocates cover all corners of the globe and speak a variety of languages.

A South Korea Meetup that included several of the leading voices in Korea on blockchain and smart contract technology

20+ community meetups hosted, reaching more than 1,000 attendees. We truly are a global community with meetups in U.S. cities such as Washington D.C., Phoenix, and New York; in European cities such as Berlin, Brussels, London, and Vienna; in Asian cities such as Shanghai, Singapore, and Seoul, as well as far-reaching in countries such as Turkey, Australia, and Uganda.

The first Africa meetup hosted in Uganda by our Chainlink Advocate Brian

Numerous high-profile guest speakers have presented including leaders of DeFi projects such as Synthetix and Aave; Chainlink network projects such as LinkPoolCLCG, and many node operators; Enterprises and enterprise-focused entities such as GoogleOpen LawTrustology, and many more.

Niels Buekers, Head of Google Cloud Platform at Fourcast, and Jonny Huxtable, Co-founder of LinkPool, talk at a community meetup in Brussels about bringing Google’s BigQuery data on-chain using Chainlink

Several top academics from leading institutions have shared their cutting edge research. Chainlink IC3 meetup hosted a professor from King’s College of London who presented his research-driven insights regarding the latest innovation in smart contract functionality, best security practices, future trends, and more.

Dr. Patrick McCorry, Professor at King’s College London speaking at a meetup in NYC

The Launch of the Community Events Page

As part of this community growth, we are launching a Community Events page! This new community resource enables everyone to stay to date with future meetups, locate upcoming conferences the team is attending, and find details about all online live streams, AMAs, and other ecosystem activity.

The Exciting Future Ahead

This is only the beginning of an exciting future for the community-fueled growth of Chainlink. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where anyone from around the world interested in smart contracts can connect with other like-minded individuals, learn about this cutting edge technology, and work together to make the decentralized future a reality. We encourage you to find your niche in the community and help make Chainlink a foundational component of the next generation of digital agreements.

Community Advocate, Caglar, speaking during Community Meetings Huoban at Turkey University

Join a Local Meetup Chapter

Want to learn about blockchain and the latest Dapp designs leveraging smart contracts? Want to meet other people in your area equally passionate about the latest technology trends as part of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution? Join your local meetup!

A London Meetup featuring NorthEast and CLC Group, two startups that are accelerating the onboarding of Chainlink users through the development of ecosystem resources

Feel a calling to lead the connected smart contract revolution? Interested in cultivating networks of individuals equally excited about data-driven automation? Apply to be an Advocate today and take advantage of our extensive network of resources that will help you launch a community in your local area. Even if you have previously applied in the past, we encourage you to apply again.

Get Involved With The Online Community

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