Chainlink x Coinbase Cloud NFT Floor Price Feeds Are Now Available on Ethereum Mainnet

The NFT Floor Price Feeds mentioned in this article are currently unavailable. Please reach out here if you would like to learn more about integrating specific NFT Price Feeds:

Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds are now live on Ethereum mainnet and available to all users for general access, bringing high-quality price data to the NFT economy to empower dApp developers and unlock new hybrid NFT-DeFi use cases. 

The first ten NFT collections supported by the feeds are:

  1. Azuki Official
  2. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  3. CloneX
  4. Cool Cats
  5. CrypToadz
  6. CryptoPunks
  7. Doodles
  8. Mutant Apes
  9. Vee Friends
  10. World of Women

These feeds help to solve the innovation gap between DeFi and the fast-growing NFT economy and unlock a new era of NFT finance powered by Chainlink’s time-tested oracle infrastructure. 

“We are excited about this collaboration between Coinbase and Chainlink. We’re bridging the gap between transparency and security in the NFT space by bringing reliable and timely on-chain NFT Floor Price Feeds for the top NFT collections to the Web3 world.”


—Michael Li, VP Data, Coinbase

Watch Michael Li announce Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds during Chainlink Labs Chief Product Officer Kemal El Moujahid’s product keynote at SmartCon 2022.

The Innovation Gap Between DeFi and NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to help spearhead Web3 adoption, with Starbucks, Twitter, Reddit, and other large Web2 organizations leading the charge by building out support for blockchain-powered digital collectibles. Within the Web3 ecosystem, NFTs are a unique digital asset class, used by avid community members to represent identity, community ties, and exclusivity. 

NFT adoption has been exponential, driving both deep participation from within Web3 and attracting newer, everyday users from outside the ecosystem.

A chart showing cumulative OpenSea user growth from November 2018 to April 2022.
Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has seen exponential user growth since its 2018 launch.

Historically, NFTs have largely been isolated from DeFi applications, which rearchitect financial primitives using decentralized infrastructure such as blockchains, layer 2s, and oracle networks. 

This can seem rather counterintuitive. Both NFTs and DeFi applications are run on top of the same underlying networks, and given the fast-rising adoption of NFTs, one would expect DeFi applications to seamlessly integrate NFTs into their protocols.

The reason for this limited amount of innovation is an industry-wide lack of quality NFT price data. Only with a robust measure of an NFT collection’s floor price can DeFi developers begin securely building novel DeFi functionality for these unique, non-fungible digital assets. 

“BendDAO is a cutting-edge NFT liquidity protocol supporting instant NFT-backed loans, collateral listing, and NFT down payments. NFT price discovery is at the core of what makes BendDAO function, and with security as our top priority, we’re excited to integrate hyper-reliable Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds to help create a more secure and efficient NFT finance protocol.”


—Crylipto, Co-Founder, BendDAO

Enter Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds

Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds are now available for general access.

Created in collaboration with Coinbase Cloud, Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds provide Web3 developers with a secure, reliable, and accurate floor price feed for leading NFT collections, unlocking the ability for NFTs to become seamlessly integrated within DeFi protocols. 

“A pain point in the development process is obtaining NFT prices. We are excited to integrate Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds as they provide stable, accurate, and highly reliable NFT floor prices, helping us save the cost of building and maintaining them by ourselves and allowing us to focus on developing core user-oriented functions.”


—Charles, Founder, Taker Protocol

How Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds Merge DeFi and NFTs

DeFi protocols require high-quality and tamper-proof price data to operate securely. From DeFi prediction markets and derivatives exchanges to lending platforms, accurate price data is critical for protecting users and preserving the integrity of a DeFi application’s autonomous operations. 

The same mission-critical security and accuracy requirements hold true for NFT price data, but due to the non-fungible properties of NFTs, generating accurate pricing is challenging. Manipulable or low-quality price data around NFTs can introduce systemic risk to the larger NFT economy and the platforms that NFTs are composed into.

To address these challenges, Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds combine the inherent security and reliability of decentralized oracle networks and Coinbase Cloud’s world-class pricing methodology to provide developers with the high-quality NFT floor price data they need to build secure NFT finance applications. Here’s how it works. 

  1. Coinbase Cloud scans price data across multiple prominent NFT marketplaces and filters outliers and wash trading from the data set. 
  2. Individual data points are averaged using Coinbase Cloud’s adaptive percentile prediction algorithm to arrive at a single floor price.
  3. The price is securely delivered to smart contract applications through a decentralized oracle network. 


A diagram showing how Chainlink NFT Price Feeds work.
How Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds work.

The end result is a robust and adaptive NFT floor price delivered in a tamper-proof and decentralized manner directly to smart contract applications. 

Unlocking the Era of NFT Finance

With secure NFT floor prices now available directly on-chain, Web3 developers can build innovative applications across a variety of use cases, including:

NFT Lending and Borrowing Platforms

Accurate NFT price data empowers developers to build secure decentralized lending markets. This unlocks liquidity for NFT holders by enabling NFTs to be used as collateral to borrow/mint tokens such as stablecoins. 

ParaSpace is a pioneer in cross-margin NFT lending, and we absolutely require high-quality NFT floor price data that’s robust against market manipulation and accurate in all market conditions. We’re proud to be one the first protocols to use Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds and push the boundaries of NFTfi.”

—Yubo Ruan, CEO and Founder, ParaSpace

Index Creation

The availability of price data across multiple NFT collections means that developers can build novel financial products, such as an index token that baskets top NFT collections, with weightings based on price, to provide users with exposure to the larger NFT market.

“Cryptex is thrilled to announce the creation of JPEGz, a fully collateralized, data-backed index token providing market cap exposure to the NFT sector. Cryptex would like to sincerely thank both Chainlink and Coinbase Cloud for their contribution and assistance in supporting the tokenization of this unique asset class through robust market data and ultimately helping to expand the rapidly growing NFT market.”


—Joe Sticco, CEO and Co-Founder, Cryptex Finance

Prediction Markets

NFT prediction markets enable exchange-traded markets to connect financial incentives to changing NFT price data, giving users access to NFT collections without owning an NFT and helping NFT holders protect against market volatility. 


Protocols within DeFi can use NFT price data to enable the creation of futures and perpetual markets focused on one or many NFTs, allowing NFT holders to hedge or increase their exposure.

Start Building Today

Chainlink NFT Floor Price Feeds, supported by Coinbase Cloud, provide Web3 builders with best-in-class NFT price data to accelerate the development of innovative NFT finance applications—an open frontier for builders to create new forms of NFT utility and capture the attention of the growing NFT community.

It’s simple to get started: Integrate NFT Floor Price Feeds into your dApp today.

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