CNBC features Chainlink’s Town Crier Announcement

CNBC was at Devcon4 in Prague earlier last week. They interviewed Sergey Nazarov, Founder and CEO of Chainlink, about the Town Crier announcement. Segment transcript below. The Chainlink clip starts at 29 minutes and 34 seconds.

CNBC: Chainlink is here creating a stir, making an announcement to acquire Cornell’s Town crier’s technology to a standing room full of devs ready to build on it.

Sergey: We’re combining two of the best projects that are focusing on getting data to contracts and combining them into one great project Chainlink.

CNBC: How are you enjoying Devcon so far?

Sergey: I think it’s good. There is a lot of very like-minded and focused people here that want to see smart contracts become something useful in a way that impacts industry and society. I think Devcon and the Ethereum team have done a very good job of bringing all these people together so that the aggregate combination is a big step forward.

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