Announcing the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon: New Tools. Bigger Ideas. Limitless Opportunities.

Last fall, more than 10,000 Web3 developers, from those just starting out to seasoned veterans, joined the Chainlink Fall 2022 Hackathon to enhance their knowledge, meet like-minded peers, and compete for a wide range of prizes.  

This Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon promises to be even bigger. Registration is now officially open. There is no cost to participate.

Key Details:

  • Taking place April 28 – June 9, 2023
  • Win from a prize pool of $350K (and growing)
  • Receive complimentary access to development platforms like QuickNode
  • Attend world-class workshops from expert developers
  • Connect with like-minded developers and community members 
  • Get the opportunity to receive written feedback on your hackathon project

Whether you’re an expert Web3 developer, a native Web2 programmer, or a novice coder, now is the time to build the breakthrough Web3 application.

New Tools

For years, Web3 developers have been limited by the design space of smart contracts and blockchain wallets. Smart contracts didn’t have a reliable way to access real-world data. Wallets were clunky to use, user-unfriendly, and a huge barrier to entry for acquiring new users, but were necessary to interface with smart contract applications. 

In 2023, two developments emerged to unlock Web3 developer creativity and efficiency by leaps and bounds. 

  • Chainlink Functions—a serverless, self-serve platform for developers to access all the world’s data. 
  • Account abstraction—a standard for building customizable and programmable wallets that unlocks a new era of user-friendly wallet design.

These new tools will bring forth a Cambrian explosion of dApp innovation, and they are undoubtedly some of the most important tools developers will need to learn for the long haul. 

There’s no better time or place to get started than at the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon, where you’ll get hands-on support from seasoned Web3 developers as you learn how to build with these new tools. 

Bigger Ideas

Every foundational tool leads to new, and bigger, ideas. A set of price data feeds catalyzed the DeFi boom. A new token standard (ERC-721) brought about the entire NFT ecosystem. 

The Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon is where you can unleash your creativity and incubate your ideas. It provides the support you need to turn idea into reality. Here’s how. 

  • Learn more—Go from zero to one, or one to one hundred, in deep-dive technical workshops that cover everything from how to build your first smart contract to integrating ChatGPT seamlessly into your dApp. 
  • Build faster—Get access to a wide range of development tools and services that accelerate how fast (and how well) you build. From AWS to QuickNode, you’ll learn how to maximize your time, energy, and effort. 
  • Get production-ready—In this hackathon, Chainlink Labs Developer Advocates and other expert developers will provide the top 100 hackathon projects with written feedback and advice that will help get them production-ready. 

This is your opportunity to build a dApp from start to finish, discover best practices for coding different protocols (DeFi, NFTs, gaming, etc.), and turn vision into reality. 

Limitless Opportunities

Chainlink hackathons are a great opportunity for talented Web3 startups. 

In the past, top projects including Krypton, Nusic, and many more have made their debuts at Chainlink hackathons. They went on to successfully build out their project vision and establish themselves in the Web3 space. The hackathon gave them the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and win prizes that provided the necessary resources to bootstrap their vision. 

There are a wide range of prizes on offer, with over $350K up for grabs to help kickstart cutting-edge Web3 projects. Prizes are split across various categories:

  • Grand Prize
  • DeFi
  • NFTs & gaming
  • DAOs
  • Tech for Good
  • Women in Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Rates Products
  • Chainlink Services
  • Top Quality
  • AWS Prize

In addition, there are various prizes for using technologies from hackathon sponsors. More than anything, the Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon aims to empower developers with the freedom to build applications they’re passionate about. For more information on prizes, check here.

Now Is the Time to Build the Next Breakthrough dApp

There’s a lot to be excited about with Web3, and there’s an unparalleled opportunity to build something that truly stands the test of time.

But developers must seize the opportunity and push the boundaries of what’s possible with the technological and infrastructural advancements that have taken Web3 this far. The Chainlink Spring 2023 Hackathon provides you with a wealth of learnings, guidance, and resources that help you explore new tools, incubate ideas, and seize opportunities.

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