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Chainlink Hackathon 2020: Building Universally Connected Smart Contracts

What’s happening?

Expanding smart contracts from isolated silos to being able to connect to real-world data and traditional infrastructure via secure oracles is redefining the way developers think about and write smart contracts. Whether it’s receiving off-chain market data to trigger your DeFi smart contract or simply getting the weather for today on-chain, the range of possible applications that Chainlink oracles open up for developers is limitless.

And we are spending an entire month to help you play a critical part in shaping the future way of digital agreements as part of a much larger societal shift being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are hosting a Chainlink Hackathon from September 7th to September 27th, 2020 and invite everyone and anyone from around the world to participate.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data providers, web APIs, enterprise systems, cloud providers, IoT devices, payment systems, other blockchains and much more.. You can currently get pre-boxed, easy to deploy code for pricing data. If you’re looking for specific flavors of data, you can simply add your API call to your solidity smart contract. Chainlink also has functionality for provably fair random numbers to build any type of blockchain based game, ticketing system, NFT, and more requiring RNG.

Creativity is your only limiting factor as Chainlink empowers your smart contracts with any data source you can think of. Chainlink also provides you with a way to secure this connection, allowing you to build end-to-end decentralized, immutable, secure, and reliable applications.

Is there a community?

With direct access to some of the top projects, engineers, and minds in the world, you will be able to connect and form teams with other talented engineers. Receive support from experienced blockchain developers who can help you bring your project idea to life.

If you’re a veteran engineer, you can compete for some fantastic prizes. If you’re just entering the space, you can enter your project to be rewarded with a course from Dapp University.

Dedicated Support

To help you maximize the success of your projects, we will provide participants with direct access to team members and experienced mentors, a plethora of educational materials for learning about off-chain connectivity, live workshops showcasing how to use Chainlink and much more. Join our hackathon Discord to meet other hackers and start planning today!

We also encourage you to use the latest pre-built and proven Chainlink resources such as the popular Defi reference data sets for popular asset price pairs, and Chainlink VRF to implement verifiable random functionality into your smart contracts, Dapps, and NFT projects.

If you want to #BuildWithChainlink, follow the link below to sign-up and get registered. Let’s together showcase how connected smart contracts can achieve real adoption and change the world!

Prizes (Over $40K worth of bounties available)

  • Grand prize – overall hackathon – $8,000
  • Defi project – $4,000
  • Gaming/NFT – $4,000
  • Open – $4,000
  • 10 $500 runner ups

And over $20k+ from other sponsors

Getting Started

Register here!

Join the Discord

We have a massive list of resources for you to start building!

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