Chainlink Joins Gitcoin Grants Round 14 as Matching Partner To Support Ethereum Infrastructure Development

Open-source software forms the backbone of the Web3 ecosystem. Supported by a global community of developers, public blockchains like Ethereum and many of the dApps built on them act as public goods that allow anyone with an Internet connection to plug into a global economy powered by cryptographic truth.

In support of open-source development, we are proud to announce that we are joining the upcoming Gitcoin Grants Round 14 as a matching partner for the $1M main matching pool. Our financial contributions will go toward the development of the Ethereum infrastructure, dApps, and tooling that the community identifies as most important through Gitcoin’s quadratic funding model.

Gitcoin funding rounds financially incentivize developers to build key infrastructure such as Ethereum clients, open-source programming libraries, testing suites, monitoring tools, improved user interfaces, and deployment tooling. Gitcoin rounds also support the maintenance of existing critical infrastructure that thousands of developers and users rely on, helping keep the Ethereum network and dApp ecosystem secure and operational.

Our support of Gitcoin Grants Round 14 is part of our continued effort to support blockchain and smart contract developers across the multi-chain ecosystem. Previous efforts include joining previous Gitcoin Grant rounds, arranging bug bounty programs, and organizing hackathons. Additionally, the Chainlink Community Grant Program provides key resources to the development teams and researchers building a more secure and functional Chainlink Network. We encourage talented individual developers and development teams to apply to the grant program here, or if you are an academic researcher and want to collaborate, contact us.

Supporting Decentralized Infrastructure With Quadratic Funding

Gitcoin is the most successful public goods funding endeavor on Ethereum and consistently inspires broad participation from the wider community, in part thanks to its usage of the quadratic funding model. Through its quadratic funding model, Gitcoin aims to prioritize projects with the largest number of individual donors, ensuring that all Ethereum community members can have a say in which projects have the most impact and deserve funding regardless of the amount of capital given by any individual donor. Gitcoin also employs several Sybil resistance mechanisms to mitigate voter manipulation.

Ethereum and other public blockchain ecosystems are reshaping how humans coordinate economic activity and paving the way to an era of more transparency and economic fairness. With public infrastructure relied upon by a huge number of smart contract developers and users, we think it’s critical that there is sufficient funding available to support its continued secure operation. We look forward to funding the development of more key blockchain-oriented infrastructure in the future, as well as continuing to empower smart contract developers through Chainlink trust-minimized services.

How to Join Gitcoin Grants Round 14

You can propose a project to be eligible for Round 14 funding here. Gitcoin Grants Round 14 will begin on June 8 and finish on June 23. You can find more information here

We want to thank the Chainlink community and the wider blockchain ecosystem for their passionate support and continued efforts in building high-quality open-source infrastructure. We’re honored to provide developers everywhere with the decentralized services they need to create hybrid smart contracts that improve lives around the world.

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