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  • Chainlink Grant for BSIC

    Chainlink Awards Grant to the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC)

    The combination of blockchains, oracles, and APIs offers society a new hybrid smart contract infrastructure, capable of hosting tamper-proof digital agreements that are fully integrated with legacy systems and reliably enforced without a central administrator. While hybrid smart contracts can improve efficiency and limit the counterparty risk of existing business processes, they can also support…

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    Ethers Chainlink Community Grant

    Ethers Receives Chainlink Community Grant to Expand Framework to Additional EVM-Based Blockchains

    The Chainlink Community Grant Program provides financial resources to the many development teams and researchers building a more functional, accessible, and socially impactful Chainlink Network. In order to fuel the growth of the Chainlink community and accelerate the adoption of hybrid smart contracts, the Chainlink grant program continues to support work that makes it easier,…

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