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Dahlia Malkhi

6 articles by Dahlia Malkhi

Exploring Proof of Solvency and Liability Verification Systems

An exploration into proof-of-solvency systems that use decentralized oracle networks to enable transparent, trust-minimized reporting.

MEV Resistance on a DAG

This post explains approaches for building Blind Order-Fairness on DAG-based BFT consensus to prevent maximal extractable value (MEV) exploits.

Execution and Parallelism for DAG-Based BFT Consensus

Paradigms for high-throughput transaction execution over a DAG, meeting recent advances in scaling core Consensus ordering protocols in blockchains.

BFT on a DAG

In this research blog, Chainlink Labs’ Chief Research Officer Dahlia Malkhi explains a simple and minimalist approach to BFT consensus on a DAG.

Instant Finality in Byzantine Atomic Broadcast Under Unknown/Dynamic Participation

A full solution for Byzantine Atomic Broadcast with instant finality when there is an unknown and dynamic set of active nodes.

Block-STM: Accelerating Smart-Contract Processing

A parallel execution engine enforcing block pre-ordering, combined with on-the-fly optimistic Software Transactional Memory.

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