Announcing the Winner of Oracle Olympics #1

Chainlink Oracle Olympics #1 saw 30 teams competing over a period of three weeks to determine which was the best node operator. Teams showcased their ability to react to a wide range of simulated challenges in a series of rigorous tests, which included setting up node infrastructure, maintaining Chainlink Price Feeds across multiple chains and during volatile market situations, and responding to emergencies. The competition gave teams the chance to experience the level of skill and performance it takes to be one of the world-class node operators on the Chainlink Network. 

Thank you to all the teams who participated. But while many put in strong performances, there can only be one winner of the Chainlink Oracle Olympics #1. 

Oracle Olympian #1—NorthWest Nodes

Congratulations to the NorthWest Nodes team for having the best score and placing first in Oracle Olympics #1! They put in an excellent performance and showcased their ability to work under pressure by ensuring their nodes reliably delivered data 24/7 and overcoming all challenges thrown at them.

NorthWest Nodes is an independent, privately funded organization founded by Zale Reeves and Eric H. den Boer. The duo have a combined 21 years of IT experience and hold certifications in relevant skills such as ISO 27001, systems engineering, cloud security, and blockchain analysis.  

The founding members of NorthWest Nodes are early followers of Chainlink who believe that running an oracle node is the best way to get involved with the community and support the network. Their network of highly performant DevOps services runs on global, triple-redundant, high-availability infrastructure featuring a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all mainnet services. Inspired by the motto of “trading trust for truth” and the capabilities of the Chainlink Network, Northwest Nodes is committed to becoming a leading node operator helping enhance the security, reliability, and decentralization of the network. 

As an Oracle Olympian and winner of the competition, NorthWest Nodes will now begin securing Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum.

Of the competition, Zale Reeves, co-founder of NorthWest Nodes, stated, “Chainlink Oracle Olympics #1 was an incredible experience for our team. The real-world testing environment gave us the chance to truly challenge all our systems and abilities, and we were able to learn more about ourselves and the network in a few weeks than in months of preparation leading up to the competition. The competition was an intense, high-pressure test, and a challenge that any aspiring node operator should strive to undertake.”

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That’s a wrap on the Chainlink Oracle Olympics #1! Thank you to all participants and everyone who played a part in making this competition a success.

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