Introducing Startup with Chainlink

Startup With Chainlink

Applications are now closed for Startup With Chainlink. Learn more about Chainlink BUILD, a Chainlink Labs initiative designed to accelerate the adoption of early-stage and established Web3 projects by providing teams with enhanced access to Chainlink services and technical support:

Chainlink serves as crucial infrastructure for the Web3 ecosystem. Whether it’s secure price data, verifiable randomness, or trust-minimized smart contract automation, Chainlink provides the entire smart contract economy with the off-chain services it needs to grow. 

To help jumpstart a new wave of smart contract innovation and adoption, Chainlink Labs is spearheading Startup with Chainlink—a premier enablement program for early-stage Web3 startups. The program aims to support and empower teams in building next-gen applications that will shape the future of blockchains and smart contracts. In a nutshell, Startup with Chainlink gives founding teams a blueprint for success. 

Program Details

Startup with Chainlink is focused on early-stage projects. If your team is building something exciting in the blockchain and smart contract space, we highly encourage you to apply. 

Teams that are part of the Startup with Chainlink community will join a global network of founders and entrepreneurs and be given the opportunity to expand their professional networks. The program also provides teams with a curated list of resources that cover scaling, operations, industry best practices, and more. Exclusive access to events, webinars, and other community-related opportunities will be included as part of the program.

Projects in the community that demonstrate exceptional talent and drive and have a strong product-market fit will receive an enhanced package of support from the Startup with Chainlink team. To help them launch and scale more effectively, these projects will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with and receive special support from top service providers including Alchemy, Blockdaemon, Ceramic, Filecoin, The Graph, and more. 
  • Receive hands-on support from experienced mentors covering technical and legal issues, design, marketing, and more.  
  • Access a network of top-tier venture capitalists who can help take their project to the next level.

Following their successful completion of the program, projects can continue to be part of the Startup with Chainlink network. This initiative aims to help build, strengthen, and maintain connections between those passionate about Web3.

The Philosophy Behind Startup with Chainlink

Startup with Chainlink was designed to be the most founder-friendly program in the blockchain industry. The program’s primary goal is to provide founders with the tools they need to successfully realize their vision.

There is no cost to participate—Startup with Chainlink was not built for profit, but to create a multi-chain ecosystem network that can help support the best up-and-coming projects in Web3.

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