Announcing the Startup with Chainlink AMA Series

Applications are now closed for Startup With Chainlink. Learn more about Chainlink BUILD, a Chainlink Labs initiative designed to accelerate the adoption of early-stage and established Web3 projects by providing teams with enhanced access to Chainlink services and technical support:

Powered by Chainlink, Web3 is growing at a rapid pace, offering users a strong foundation of truth based on cryptographic guarantees over weak paper promises. Understanding blockchains, smart contracts, and oracles along with how to build and scale startups that use them is the first step for founders looking to make an impact with Web3 in the real world.

As part of the Startup with Chainlink program, which provides support to early-stage Web3 startups, the new Startup with Chainlink Ask Me Anything (AMA) series offers builders—developers, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, and pioneers—the opportunity to receive insight and advice directly from industry-leading experts. 

Startup with Chainlink AMA Series Overview

Hosted on the Chainlink Subreddit, anyone can join the weekly AMA and ask questions. These AMAs will be focused on Web3 technologies, general startup advice, and specific ideas to help builders overcome the inevitable challenges that founders face when scaling their startups.

This AMA series will feature a diverse range of founders and industry experts. Our first round of guests include:

We’re excited to host these Web3 leaders and the many more that will follow. In the spirit of an open-source, decentralized ecosystem that enables a diverse group of individuals to build upon each other’s innovations, these founders and industry experts are excited to share their hard-won lessons with the Chainlink community and help founders grow their startups.  

Joining these AMAs will give you the opportunity to:

  • Ask founders and industry experts detailed questions about launching and growing a Web3 startup 
  • Take part in an inclusive discussion, expanding your knowledge and connecting with the Web3 community 
  • Explore innovative use cases in decentralized finance, blockchain-based gaming, DAOs, and other areas 
  • Learn industry best practices for integrating the core decentralized infrastructure powering Web3 

How To Participate

Subscribe to r/Chainlink on Reddit to ensure you don’t miss a single AMA. There’ll be an AMA every week, giving you the chance to learn from an array of experts with extensive experience working across a range of different disciplines and technologies. 

The first AMA, featuring Aave founder and CEO Stani Kulechov, takes place on May 5th. Stani Kulechov is a seasoned entrepreneur who has scaled the Aave liquidity protocol to secure billions of dollars across seven networks and thirteen markets. Aave has continued to innovate at the forefront of the DeFi industry, as evidenced by the recent launch of Aave V3. This is a great opportunity to ask the founder of one of the Web3 ecosystem’s premier DeFi protocols everything you’ve ever wanted to know about successfully scaling a Web3 startup.

Join the Startup with Chainlink AMA series on Reddit and learn how to successfully scale your Web3 startup.

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