Announcing the ETHDenver 2022 Hackathon Chainlink Bounty Winners

We’re excited to announce the Chainlink bounty winners from the ETHDenver 2022 In-Person Hackathon! 

Among the 33 projects that applied for a Chainlink bounty, nine projects stood out from the rest by showcasing exceptional talent and imagination. At its core, Chainlink expands the design space for smart contract development teams by providing them with secure off-chain data and computation. These projects demonstrate the huge range of possibilities opened up by Chainlink services, from decentralized identity credential infrastructure and unique play-to-earn games to peer-to-peer marketplaces and much more. 

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and judges who participated in the ETHDenver 2022 In-Person Hackathon! Below are the Chainlink bounty winners. 

ETHDenver 2022 In-Person Hackathon Chainlink Bounty Winners

This year’s ETHDenver 2022 Hackathon Chainlink bounties amounted to $12,500 in total prizes, with $4,500 awarded to a single grand prize winner and eight $1,000 prizes awarded to runner-up projects. 

Grand Prize Winner ($4,500) 


The grand prize went to CandidNFT, a toolkit for artists looking to verify the real-world, off-chain identities of the buyers of their NFT art without sacrificing buyer privacy. 

Built by Tyler Kell, Deepak Maram, Yan Ji, and Kushal Babel, CandidNFT uses Chainlink VRF to help run provably fair raffles, with users able to win unique pieces of art. By combining CanDID and Town Crier for decentralized identity and Chainlink VRF for randomness, CandidNFT helps provide a fairer and more transparent approach to sales in the NFT art market. 


Runner-Up Prizes (8 x $1,000) 

The following runner-up projects are listed in alphabetical order. 

Do or DAOn’t? 

Do or DAOn’t is a DAO evaluation dApp that helps prospective DAO members evaluate the health of organizations they are considering joining. 

Created by Mayur Mistry, Sianoi Kimari, and Valerie Grappendorf, Do or DAOn’t provides a wide range of off-chain and on-chain insights regarding DAO voter participation, treasury management, and member satisfaction. Do or DAOn’t uses Chainlink Automation to trigger daily on-chain storage calls that update IPFS metadata.



DustSweeper is a smart contract on Ethereum that helps users sell low balances of a wide range of tokens in bulk to market takers at a discount, helping them “sweep the dust” from their wallets.

Built by Corbin Page, Rory Hellyer, David Eiber, and Mike Liu, DustSweeper connects users and market takers. Users sell their unwanted tokens at a discount to market takers under the condition the market taker makes a profit. In order to help ensure market takers are profitable and pricing is accurate, token values are calculated using prices from Chainlink Price Feeds


Future Proofs

Future Proofs aims to solve the problem of settling options contracts after their expiry date. Specifically, the sourcing and on-chain record of spot prices at the time of expiry. 

Developed by Toby Jaguar and Mike Arief, Future Proofs is a component of Smart Piggies, which offers decentralized financial options. Chainlink Automation interoperates with Chainlink Price Feeds to lock the settlement price of a future-dated options contract to the expiration timestamp—meaning contracts can be settled at any point after expiry with a verifiable spot price on the day of expiration.



IdentDeFi is a lightweight, protocol-agnostic architecture that uses NFTs to help provide a solution for DeFi compliance. 

Specifically, the project uses zkProofs to preserve identity in KYC NFTs, which can be used as proof-of-KYC to support on-chain compliance for DeFi protocols. Developed by Casper Yonel, Aaron Wong, and Paul Thomas, IdentDeFi uses Chainlink External Adapters to call KYC approval data from an API and then embeds the zkProof for the API data in an NFT to signal on-chain compliance.



Juice unlocks liquidity for vested contracts commonly owned by founding DAO contributors.

Built by Yahia Bsat, Kevin Liang, Richard Liang, and Maximilian Kolowrat, Juice is a lending platform specifically designed to unlock liquidity for vested contracts. Juice uses Chainlink Price Feeds to determine the value of assets locked within vesting contracts. 



Loudverse is a two-sided marketplace for funding hard-to-quantify public goods like music, poetry, and theatre. 

Similar to apps like Kickstarter, Loudverse allows creators to make a call for funds with specific deliverables and milestones. If the call is fulfilled, contributors receive a proof-of-patronage NFT and the creator can begin a stream for the duration of the project timeline where they receive continuous funds. Built by pseudonymous developers neodaoist, plaird, Just John, and nïck,  Loudverse uses Chainlink VRF to randomly determine which projects receive bonus funding amounts above and beyond the streaming funds. 

Moloch Rises

Moloch Rises is a play-to-earn roguelite game where the game state can be rolled up through zkRollups. 

Developed by launchninja, flip, alcibiades, and devbruce, Moloch Rises aims to build a game mechanics-focused blockchain gaming experience. The roguelite game operates faster than the typical blockchain game because it leverages zK technology. Players battle robots, earn experience, and receive verifiably random loot drops facilitated by Chainlink VRF.

Check out the full video on YouTube:

Robotrust is a self-executing, on-chain estate planning mechanism managed through a “BAM Trust.” 

Spearheaded by Kristian Marlow, Sasha Aldrick, Kyle Banta, and Evan Chipman, Robotrust allows users to set up a trust smart contract with set parameters and a certain amount of ETH deposited. Chainlink Automation triggers the contract annually to pay the grantor a set annuity based upon the spot ETH/USD price, which is provided by Chainlink Price Feeds.

Watch the complete video on Loom:

Thank You to All Participating Teams

Congratulations to all the ETHDenver 2022 Hackathon Chainlink bounty winners and thank you to all the teams who integrated Chainlink services within their hackathon project. We’re always thrilled to see how decentralized oracle networks are being used to expand the horizon for decentralized technologies. 

For developers looking for their next challenge, the Spring 2022 Chainlink Hackathon is right around the corner!

Start building with Chainlink today by visiting the developer documentation, joining the technical discussion on Discord, and/or reaching out to us here. Get access to ready-made solutions for reliable price feeds and provable randomness

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