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What Are Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games make gaming experiences better. Read this post to discover the core features and benefits of blockchain games.

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Banner titled Building and Scaling Blockchain-Based Games
Education, Startups

5 Ways To Build and Scale Blockchain-Based Games

Explore platforms, tools, and services that can help Web3 gaming projects improve their gameplay, grow their audience, and scale successfully.

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A banner titled "A Provably Fair RNG for Web2"

A Provably Fair RNG for Web2

Explore the limitations of traditional Web2 RNGs, how Chainlink VRF enables provably fair randomness, and the myriad of use cases it unlocks.

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HackBG Receives Chainlink Grant to Develop Gas-Efficient, Open-Source NFT Reveal Templates Using Chainlink Automation and VRF

HackBG has been awarded a Chainlink Community Grant to build open-source templates that help reduce gas costs for NFT mints.

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Banner showing Web3 randomness

Why True Randomness Is Important in Web3

Secure randomness is essential in both blockchains and dApps. A primer on randomness, its various types, and how different RNG solutions work.

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Banner titled Verifiable Random Function (VRF)

Verifiable Random Function (VRF)

Explore how verifiable random functions (VRFs) underpin cryptographically secure RNGs, enabling tamper-proof randomness in web applications.

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How To Create Generative Art NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are digital tokens on a blockchain, each of which represents something unique, such as a piece of digital art, a special in-game item, a rare trading card collectible, or any other distinct digital/physical asset. NFTs stand in contrast to fungible tokens: Each is unique and cannot be swapped for another version…

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Chainlink VRF v2

Chainlink VRF v2 Is Now Live on Mainnet, Providing Highly Scalable, Configurable, and Gas-Efficient On-Chain Randomness for NFT and Gaming dApps

Chainlink VRF v2 is now live on mainnet, providing highly scalable, configurable, and gas-efficient on-chain randomness for NFT creators and gaming dApps.

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D3LAB Receives Chainlink Grant to Enhance Sybil-Resistant Quadratic Voting System for DAOs

D3LAB receives a Chainlink grant to enhance their Sybil-resistant Probabilistic Quadratic Voting system using Chainlink VRF for DAOs.

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Using Multiple Chainlink Services for Blockchain Gaming
Hackathon Winners

How Cozy Reef Used Multiple Chainlink Services to Power Its Advanced Gaming dApp

Learn how Chainlink Hackathon prize winners Cozy Reef used multiple Chainlink services to power their blockchain gaming dApp.

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