What Is a Layer 2?

This article explores what a Layer 2 is, why they’re needed, and how they can securely extend the capabilities of blockchains.

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Title image with the text 'How To Use Chainlink Price Feeds on Arbitrum'

How To Build and Deploy a Smart Contract on Arbitrum

In this technical tutorial, learn how to use Chainlink Price Feeds on Arbitrum.

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Highly Scalable and MEV-Resistant DeFi

Creating a Highly Scalable and MEV-Resistant DeFi Ecosystem Using Arbitrum and Fair Sequencing Services

Learn how layer-2 rollup protocol Arbitrum is exploring Chainlink Fair Sequencing Services to help enable a scalable and fair DeFi ecosystem.

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The Future of Oracles: Fireside Discussion with Ari Juels, IC3 Co-Director and Distinguished Cornell Computer Science Professor

Revolutionary technologies often begin with a specific functionality that opens up new value for users. Over time, these technologies expand, as developers capitalize on additional value subsets. For example, the internet began (mostly) with email, then quickly expanded to the world wide web, telecommunication, social media and much more.

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