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    How to Build a Blockchain Lottery

    Why Make a Decentralized Lottery? Building a blockchain lottery (or a decentralized lottery) is only a few contracts worth of code and relatively easy to spin up. Using a Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Chainlink Alarm Clock make it easy to maintain while ensuring it’s secure, perpetual, and provably random. However, before

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    Developers, Tutorials

    APIs, Smart Contracts, and How to Connect Them

    APIs, Smart Contracts, and How to Connect Them Smart contracts on any blockchain can connect to any API by integrating with Chainlink oracles. We’ve already seen massive growth of API and off-chain data use in Solidity since Chainlink has entered the space as an oracle solution. Now that list is growing rapidly to include Polkadot, Avalanche

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    How to use Chainlink with Truffle

    When working with Chainlink, a powerful development environment is essential to ensure your smart contracts are deployed successfully and securely on-chain. Truffle aims to be exactly that, offering an easy to use dApp framework to help make your developer life a lot more manageable. Working with Truffle is simple, thanks to the Truffle

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